DayZ Standalone is Available!

by alayton at 1:36pm

The standalone has been released! You can find it on Steam here. Keep in mind that this is an early alpha, and is going to be buggy.

We're working on getting new data and maps available as quickly as we can. Like the game, once we have something available, it'll be a first pass, and not quite as polished as what we might want it to be. However, we feel it's more important to make something available as quickly as possible, rather than making it perfect first.

Update 1: An initial version of the map is available here! This is a very early version, but more is definitely coming soon.


By cooltrain7 on 2013/12/16 at 4:26pm

Can't wait until you get the buildings and loot spawns !

By JJAKS on 2013/12/18 at 11:06pm

cant wait to know what the towns are since you removed the russian words for them........

By WamboGer on 2013/12/19 at 2:45am

What are u waiting for with the map? All the loot spawns are in server_data.pbo in config.cpp in CfgLootSpawns class and Building Coordinates in the maps pbo. It really is not that hard to us wait for days.

By PhoenixKsE on 2013/12/19 at 9:42am

So I'm not sure why you removed all the elevation lines... this makes it VERY difficult to pinpoint your location without a compass in the wilderness. PLEASE get this sorted out ASAP.

By alayton on 2013/12/19 at 11:12am

If you need elevation lines/a topographic map, you can still use the mod map: [url][/url]. The standalone map will get a topographic version soonâ„¢

Edited by alayton on 2013/12/19
By Parsons97 on 2013/12/19 at 7:02pm

BTW the SA map is missing some fountains

By BadRobot216th on 2013/12/22 at 12:26pm

Map: I've seen what they have so far regarding the map. ( finding pieces of "gas station/road maps" and you get two or more pieces sometimes). I curious if there will be more to this. will you have other kinds of maps? E.g power grid, train tracks, district zoning, military elevation/grid maps. BTW I haven't seen if a persons markings on their personal map stay there after you kill them, has anyone else? If there are other kinds, I hope they will not be in pieces like the current "state/ gas station/ road map". Going to post this on steam forums tonight if anyone is interested in sharing opinions.

By [SGT] Carter 82ndAB on 2013/12/23 at 12:51pm

Map - when are you going to implement a internal map system for Dayz like the Arma2 and Arma3 so we can have in game maps, this is a must!!!! also is there going to be a server.exe like Arma and Arma3 I would like to run a dedicated Dayz Server alongside My Clans Arma3 Servers, this is Our Website check it out

Edited by [SGT] Carter 82ndAB on 2013/12/23
By Crumbledcrumpet on 2013/12/26 at 7:29pm

Please make a 99cent app! I would defiantly buy it!!!

By Mrecksie on 2013/12/29 at 11:26am

Hey, maybe you could add where all ponds are too now that they've added drinking from ponds.

By biggx01 on 2013/12/31 at 2:10am

i know some people are saying health and maybe some sort of a map at the starting point takes away from the feel of the game but I dont agree.. consider the fact that if we have wound up there then we probably know the area at least a little bit so a map for a beginner like myself has some idea of his surroundings. Im assuming my character is there because he grew up around there so the character would have some idea where he is so a map for a new player makes sence. As for health or some other type of indicator also makes sence because I cant feel whats going on in the game. The indicator is a tool to let me know how sick or how bad he feels before he passes out and everything goes black and never comes back. I have nothing on my screen that does that besides the few words of hungry, thirsty, or bleeding. The indicator i think is important for the player to know what kind of shape the character is in. Its not easy for new people with no friends in this game when just finding food and something to protect yourself from zombies is really difficult and the players that treats new people with nothing but an axe and nothing to drink or eat as a threat when obviously they arent when noobs like myself cant even protect myself from zombie ;et alone kill the clans that make it hard on new players. Ive been killed too many times and threatened to leave evrything too many times to count. I like the game but the community is terrible with noob camping and harrassing.

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