DayZ Mod: Updated for 1.7.7!

by alayton at 9:31pm

For the first time since February, DayZ has gotten an official update! The new version, 1.7.7, brings a ton of changes, as well as hints of more to come. Here's a quick rundown of the standout changes:

  • Zombies are more dangerous. It's harder to lose them, they can knock you down, and new "viral" versions are more likely to cause infections.
  • Starting gear has changed to a Bandage, Road Flare, and a random choice between another Bandage and Painkillers.
  • M1911, Revolver, and Makarov PM damage was increased to pre-1.62 levels. Machete, Hatchet, and Crowbar damage was substantially increased.
  • Loot tables have been heavily changed, with deer stands getting military weapons again.
  • A huge amount of new loot spawns have been added, but with lower chances of loot than previous spawns.
  • A lot more. A full list can be found here.

Let's put a number on the number of new loot spawns added: over 2000. Loot now has a chance to be found at car wrecks, piles of rubble and trash, sheds, and around some closed buildings. To balance this out, it seems that the chance of loot spawning at any given point has gone down, so while it may seem harder to find loot, that might change as players get used to the new spawn points.

Next stop: Standalone! Hopefully.


By Bodaz88 on 2013/06/13 at 7:17am

very nice update! Thanks!

By SimonArnhild on 2013/06/13 at 2:29pm

So insanely awesome!

By dzrno on 2013/06/14 at 11:23am

My server is having issues. It wont spawn zombies OR loot since this patch. Any ideas on how to fix it?

By dominik on 2013/06/18 at 6:46am

this is very, very good update. :)

By CiTral on 2013/06/18 at 8:20am

Could you add the rest of the map north up towards debug forrest?

By da9el1 on 2013/07/01 at 4:29am

how i join?

By Robbo on 2013/07/04 at 6:05pm

I think 1.7.7 has ruined dayz. It used to be that there was a point to going to a city to look for stuff, now there's nothing anywhere. Hospitals always contain nothing, lucky if you get a bandage. Supermarkets now contain nothing, just gotta starve and hope you find a knife, hatchet, matches and a cow. Millitary bases also usually contain nothing. I've checked hundreds of piles, they never contain anything either. The update was to make less concentrated loot and spread it out some more. Now you are just ruined. I went to every single hospital looking for antibiotics and found a single bandage. The loot piles of junk never even contain an empty tin can. You get infected by a single punch from a single zombie and you have to run around for 3 hours looking for anti biotics before you just become blind from infection blood loss, with less loot you also have no way of fighting back. And the zombies chase you more, so pretty much the programmers were like "How can we ruin every single persons experience in a single update?" Enter 1.7.7.

By Nemo on 2013/07/05 at 3:18pm

By Robbo on 2013/07/06 at 12:26am

I know, but this topic just says 1.7.7 so I kept it at the same.

By Uhlan on 2013/07/11 at 10:56am

It has become very very difficult to get bare essentials in game. The zombie population seems larger, more aggressive, and stronger, while loot is scarcer and typically more useless. claims to have reduced zombie awareness somewhat because you couldn't get within 100 meters without agroing them AT NIGHT! I don't think there reduced it enough. The game feels definitely tilted against new spawns and solo players, while the removal of the "free range" zombies (because of some FPS problem) has aided PVP in making it safer for snipers. I still don't understand the thinking behind the addition of useless loot like TP, razors, cards, nails, etc. Such effort could have been spent on making the knife a weapon, adding deer in place of goats, and putting whiskey in the bottles - or more appropriately, vodka.

By xxEPICDUDExxx on 2013/07/16 at 7:47am

nice update :)

By El-Chupanibre on 2013/07/17 at 7:34am

Harder Zombies, less medical Support.. YAY!

By vidma1100 on 2013/07/30 at 5:18am

i think they should update vehicle gear make visible how much item spaces in total and how much available like in backpacks when i try to put something in car and there is not more space left it disappears

By painthead0 on 2013/08/16 at 10:16pm

pretty cool ive already been plying epoch for about a month with this 1.7.7 and i would say there is alot of changes. all the other people who dont know this u can pack a backpack with gear from yur car and then put the backpack in the car and that would make more space for u to put more items.

By skybound on 2013/09/01 at 7:56pm

I'm a solo survivor, not into PVP or kill on sight style playing and before this update my game experience was exactly how I wanted it to be. Now the entire game has been tilted against players like me and more towards the clans, snipers and script-kiddies. Finding antibiotics is impossible, by the time you get hit to the time you find help averages a few hours and most definitely always ends in death. You can't find anything of value in hospitals any more, zombies are insanely aggressive and much larger in number and for a solo player like myself who can't afford to be infected or lose too much blood because A) you need another player to blood bag you , B) antibiotics are almost impossible to find and C) they've capped the amount of blood you can gain from eating multiple food items.. This game is becoming less of a survival game (old school DayZ is dead) and more of a cross between PVP and DeathMatch or Quick play game. The developers seem to be focusing more on pvp mentality players and are spending way too much time on unnecessary eye candy.. Try fixing the spawn issues, loot issues, erratic zombie movements (it's like trying to shoot at tron bikes) and all that other b.s that has just gotten worse, making it no wonder more and more users are choosing to cheat ..

By Kresslak on 2013/09/15 at 8:05pm

Nice update; I'm a solo survivor also and unlike some peoples comments I welcome the increase in Zombie AI difficulty, IMO it adds a greater realism to the game and creates a greater respect between players and our fellow Zombie counterparts.

The fact that if you're unlucky enough to get infected, your fracked, it's what it should be, and seriously, if there was really a Zombie outbreak you'd expect to find nothing in a Hospital after day 1 from all the looters, so again, realistic.

From my own experience I only find Antibiotics at NWAF or military zombie random spawns the majority of the time, but you can generally survive with an infection by hunting for food with 800-1000 blood count per cooked meat compared to 200-400 per foodstuffs, e.g. one cow will keep you going for while, rabbits are best though at 1000 blood and fairly prolific.

My only complaint is the axe mechanics, having to drop my primary, remove axe from tool kit and then equip while zombies are approaching is seriously annoying, bring in an option to mouse scroll equip your axe.

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