Starter Guide (keyboard functions, lingo) by Sirebrus at Jan 20, 2014 5:08am

Ok, so when I first started playing, I was extremely confused on how to play and what keys did what. So here I'll start keeping a list of what does what, of course if I miss anything or forget something please let me know and I'll be sure to update it ASAP!

I'll also be adding some of the lingo used.

Keyboard Functions

TAB - View your inventory, items on ground, yourself, alerts (hunger, thirst, bleeding)

/ - Chat

Control Lock - Speak Using Your Mic.

W - Up

- Double Click and Hold - Run Very Fast

A - Left

S - Down

D - Left

Q -

- When Standing - Lean Left

- When Prone - Roll Left

E -

- When Standing - Lean Right

- When Prone - Roll Right

Z - Go Prone

X - Crouch

C - Stand Up

V - Jump

F or Middle Mouse Button - Open Functions (Pick things up, Open Doors, Climb A Latter, Fill Up Containers, etc...)

Left Click - Attack

Right Click -

- Holding - Zoom In

- Click Once - Aim With Weapon

F1 - Wave

F2 - Put Your Hands Up

F3 - Sit Down

- - Zoom out on scope

+ - Zoom in on scope


Slingshot - Being sent back a few miles from where you have ran from. Lets say you had been running for 10 seconds, but then suddenly appear where you started running from 10 seconds ago.

How to Avoid - Usually running too fast will make you slingshot. Running with a weapon out could help avoid this. Also, if you are meeting up with some friends and keep having this happen, jump on a low pop server and run there, then, jump back to the other server.

Bambi - A new player with no equipment.

Like I stated before, if I missed something or you think it should be worded differently, let me know!

By Hellsquad on 2014/01/21 at 12:30pm

You should include some things:

"Loot Table" "Dinner Bell" "PVP Log" "Spawnkill" "Huey" "Backpack Eating" "Zed"

Sure there are more, just a matter of thinking of them.

By psyZ on 2014/01/23 at 1:27am

mistake >> Control Lock not Control Lock -> Caps Lock

By Nerolus on 2014/01/31 at 9:42am

I've never heard it called Slingshot, I've heard it called Rubberband/Rubberbanding though.

By Urux on 2014/02/10 at 11:39am

thanks bud, u saved my start. Again thanks, and see you on game

By agentlars2 on 2014/08/13 at 7:51pm

thx dude, I just got DayZ today This is really helpful. thx


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