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IMPORTANT: This info is out of date since 0.34, please check Merino's channel on youtube until I update the info.

First of all, all the credits on what I'm about to tell you go to (TMW) Merino, if you want to get a deeper look at the mechanics I recommend you to check his youtube channel.

About Health and Blood

So in case you haven't checked out the Standalone Status Effects guide, I suggest you do that first.

Unlike the mod, there is a separate indicator for Health and for Blood. You don't die now when you reach 0 blood, you die when you reach 0 health. However, 0 or low blood (I'm not gonna get into details about it), will get you unconcious and another player will have to give you a saline or blood bag to wake you up.

The only way to notice you current blood and health level is through your vision:

Low blood will desaturate your colors, the more you approach black and white vision the closer you are to 0.

Low health will make your screen blurry. When you are very low, let's say 1000 (rememember maximum is 5000), you won't be able to see almost anything.

However, you won't notice bluriness if you have postprocessing off or you enter settings -> video, the latter being probably a glitch that will be eventually solved. This is not a bug so if every time you enter the game you need to do that to see, you are not solving the problem, just glitching your way out, but the low health remains and there is a huge risk that you'll be one-shoted next fight.

How to raise Blood and Health

Almost everyone knows how to raise blood levels: by using a saline or a blood bag.

But, how to regain health? That is a little more complex. You can only achieve it through the "Healing" status that will appear in your inventory given certain conditions.

Once you get that status, and if you are full on blood, you will start regenerating health at a 1HP/sec pace. Note that maximum health is 5000 (same for blood by the way).

Now, if you are low on blood when you get this status, this will be the first thing you'll gain until you reach max blood. You will do this at 1blood/sec or 3blood/sec depending on energy and waters levels.

So how do I get this status

In order to get them, you need to stay highly hydrated and well-fed.

Your energy (that is, food) level goes from 0 to 20.000, and you get the Hungry status at only 600. That means after getting rid of it you can eat A LOT more, and a lot more means about 40 FULL CANS, to get to maximum. As there is no indicator about your current energy level, simplest way to proceed is to just eat everything you find as you find it. Don't store it in your inventory, there's no point on it. After several hours of eating everything, you can play for dozens of hours without even getting the hungry status (nor you should).

You need 3500 for slow regenenration and 5000 for fast. Note that a full can gives you about 400 (you can find the actual values in the wiki), so you need to eat a lot after stopping being hungry.

Water on the other hand doesn't allow you to store much. Limit is on 4.000 and you get the thirsty message on 2.000, so once you remove that status, you need to drink 20 more times from a well/pond or 2 full canteens.

After that, keep drinking about 6 times (or 3 times from canteen) every 30 min to ensure staying closest to maximum. Food also contains water so that will help. You can find the actual precise numbers on Merino's videos.

You need 3.000 water for slow regen and 3.500 for the fast one.

Note that the messages "My stomach is full" "I feel stuffed" and so on aren't related to energy levels, but to stomach levels. Stomach is only a limit on how fast you can eat and drink. Once you get those messages just wait a while before eating and drinking again.

Besides that 2 requirements, you need to wait 20 minutes since you first accomplish the requirements until you get the healing/healthy status.

So what's the difference between healing and healthy

You'll get healing when either your blood or your health is not at its maximum, and healthy when you're in perfect condition.

So, you should always try to mantain this healthy status and you'll live longer and be able to take more bullets before dying. Possibly you'll get unconscious instead of dead in the next firefight and maybe a mate is able to bring you back.

Hope that helped anyone!

By SGTPepper on 2014/02/06 at 11:12am

Soda are realy good and useful cuz it gives you food energy and water. Every time you see a can drink it, don't store them drink them all. Hummm good cola for great health.

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By DayZManiac on 2014/02/09 at 7:32pm

Thanks thats great to know. They have added feeling energetc level indicator, it stays there if you eat often enough. I have energetic and hydrated but not heathy or healing but tis all good as i have a silenced m4 and it loves shotting every zombie i see! :D

By CakeDayZ on 2014/02/19 at 10:42am

With the new "energized" and "hydrated" statuses, Merino released another video explaining in better accuracy on how to get healing.

For Slow blood regen (+1/sec) you need to have no thirsty message(>1500 water) and a dark green background of energized (>2000 energy)

For fast blood regen (+3/sec) you need dark green hydrated status (>2500 water) and light green energized (>4000 energy)

Slow health regen (+1/sec) requires same as Fast blood, but you have to be at full blood level (5000) and gives you healing status

Once that's at 5000, you will be healthy

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By SGTPepper on 2014/02/20 at 2:03am

By my experience you need to be hurt first to get the healing status then when healing is over you get healthy status. You may be healthy but you won't see it


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