The Guide to the Guns by Magmus at Jan 8, 2014 8:02pm

This guide will explain all the features of each weapon so you can see which one suits you.

Click on the name of the weapon you want information on.


The M4A1 is an automatic assault rifle with many modification capabilities, these include:

  • Scopes
  • Stocks
  • Barrel Exterior
  • Silencers

The M4A1 also has multiple types of clips ranging from 10 round clips to 60 round double tied clips. Due to lack of implementation, the 60 round double tied clips do not need reloading after shooting 30 shots.


  • Automatic
  • Large clips sizes available
  • Best weapon in close range due to decent damage and automatic fire
  • Plenty of modifications available


  • Inaccurate at long ranges
  • Rather high damage drop off over distance


M4A1 assault rifles can be found at the prison buildings in military airfields, they are marked with a large red circle on the DayzDB map.

You can find the modifications for this rifle inside the large hangars next to the prison buildings in airfields, or anywhere in general that also contain weapons such as the large ship wreck or school buildings.

Mosin Nagant

The Mosin Nagant is a bolt action rifle that has a couple of modifications available, these include:

  • Long range scope (Sniper scope)
  • Bipod (used to increase accuracy when deployed prone)

This rifle does not use clips, in fact, only loose bullets can be found for this rifle and 5 at a time can be loaded in this rifle at once.


  • Highly accurate, shots can be fired from a long distance and would most likely hit your target
  • High damage, usually one shot kills on both players and zombies depending on area hit and equipment
  • Can be equipped with good modifications to make it a proper sniper rifle


  • Slow fire rate
  • Has to be reloaded by going into inventory and selecting 7.62 rounds
  • Not suitable in close range because of slow fire rate
  • Low clip capacity, only 5 rounds


Mosin Nagants can be found in stables, hospitals, car trunks or even a school building, they are relatively common. The ammo for this rifle can be found practically anywhere, either packaged in a brown packet or loosely.

Modifications for this rifle can be found in the same place as M4A1 attachments.


The Magnum is a revolver pistol that has no modifications available, but possesses great power that makes it a suitable sidearm. But the ammo for this gun is rare (.357 rounds) and they have to be reloaded by interacting with the ammo in your inventory.


  • High damage
  • They can be carried alongside the M4A1 and Mosin
  • Rather a common weapons, even though ammo is rare


  • Inaccurate at longer ranges
  • High damage drop off over distance
  • Bullets drop at a lesser range than the rifles
  • Inconvenient to load ammo separately through inventory rather than interaction


Magnum revolvers can generally be found in place of a Mosin rifle at hospitals, school buildings, stables but they can also be found at military bases as well.


The FNX45 is a pistol that has modifications available for it in the form of:

  • Scopes
  • Silencers

This pistol uses 15 round clips and is semi-automatic, though the bullets can be fired as fast as the player can fire, making it a more convenient sidearm than a Magnum in terms of fire rate and clip size.


  • High clip capacity at 15 rounds in a clip (.45 rounds)
  • Bullets can be found loosely as well to be able to refill clips
  • Can carry alongside a M4A1 or a Mosin
  • Gives the player more versatility in combat when paired with a Mosin rifle
  • Fires as fast as the player can fire


  • Weak damage (one shot kill on zombies, but clothed players with helmets will be tricky to kill)
  • Inaccurate, even more so at longer ranges
  • Massive damage drop off, making bullets virtually ineffective at long distances


The FNX45 pistol can be found at military bases and sometimes in the same areas as a Mosin or Magnum, such as a school building or an abandoned ship.

The modifications for this pistol can be found at the same places as Mosin and M4A1 modifications, like military bases.

By R4nd0mVill4in702 on 2014/01/09 at 4:57pm

The m4 and fnx use mags, not clips -_-

By TheDanCan on 2014/01/10 at 10:53pm

@Magmus There is a difference between clips and magazines. Clips are used to load magazines.

By TheDanCan on 2014/01/11 at 1:23pm

It's correct terminology, it doesn't matter where you're from.

By cswagsus9130 on 2014/01/11 at 5:24pm

Clips lack a spring, and are used to load ammunition into a magazine, whether it's inside or outside of the gun. What you refer to them as in casual conversation is irrelevant; there is a definite difference between the two.

By Mubbers on 2014/01/11 at 7:59pm

nice info on the weps, any chance you can do a guide on attachments? thanks!

By cswagsus9130 on 2014/01/11 at 8:57pm

hiebler i hope you eat and drink so many dairy products within the next 24 hours that you turn into milk

Edited by cswagsus9130 on 2014/01/11
By TheDanCan on 2014/01/11 at 8:58pm

Hiebler, unfortunately for you you're the idiot here since you don't know that there is in fact a difference between a clip and a mag then claiming we know nothing.

Edited by TheDanCan on 2014/01/11
By ExtendoClipz on 2014/01/11 at 9:00pm

nah, m8. i got sum clips for my gat yesterdai.

By ExtendoClipz on 2014/01/11 at 9:04pm

Btw, wen do u think theyll put colt's glock & wesson k91/30 into day-zed?

By DanielOffense on 2014/01/12 at 1:11pm

It doesn't matter where you're from, clips and magazines are different. Your country's stupidity in classification doesn't mean that you get a free pass for acting like a retard.

By Killer-TAF- on 2014/01/13 at 10:34am

hi all. sometimes ammo is attach to clips usualy in ten rounds. Now days you use the clips with the speed loader which you attached to a mag used for fast loading. in the old days you use the clips to load straight in to the rifle.

By Ejayshun on 2014/01/15 at 5:41pm

A con for the FNX45 may be that ammo for it is quite uncommon. :) But ammo is generally uncommon unless in a barracks or hangar; however, the FNX45 is the hardest to find ammo for. :/

Edited by Ejayshun on 2014/01/15
By [unknown] on 2014/01/16 at 10:49am

The defining difference between Clips and Magazines is the presence of a feed mechanism in a Magazine, typically a spring-loaded follower, which a Clip lacks. "A Stripper Clip" or "Charger" is a speed-loader that holds several cartridges(Rounds / Ammo or in Layman's terms: "Bullets") together in a single unit for easier loading of a firearm's Magazine... This is a universal definition, as it applies to every weapon (firearm) known to existence.... One of the easiest ways to determine which one is the correct term is: a Clip = not spring-loaded // a Magazine = is spring-loaded.

To most people who enjoy the responsibility of owning or using a firearm, would hope that others could respect the correct term... for an example of those who don't own a firearm or never fired a weapon before: it is like saying, "a Ferrari (or insert something that is meaningful to you) is the same as a Geo Prism (insert ignorant term), both are cars right?"


By ReplicaX on 2014/01/16 at 1:01pm

In England and the World a Magazine is referred to as a "Mag" or Magazine and not a clip.

For England it has been that way since 1895 with the Lee-Enfield, a magazine-fed Bolt-Action Repeating Rifle used by the British Army for over 62 years and replaced by other Magazine-fed Firearms.

A large amount of ppl that call a magazine a clip have little 1st hand (Real World) experience with Firearms or weren't properly educated in Firearms.


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