The Durability Mechanic by thegoldenfrog at Jan 8, 2014 2:28pm

There's a lot of speculation as to does it really matter if your backpack or shoes are "ruined" or "Pristine" well this article aims to try and gather information so it can answer a few of your questions. What do I think? I think since the game is still in alpha the mechanic isn't fully completed yet and they're still working on it, and as they work on it or I confirm more information, I will continuously update this article!

Things that May be Affected


Backpacks So what I do know is that backpacks (as of when I wrote this) are not affected by wear and tear, but I do think eventually it will be if its too damaged, you could drop items when walking around.

Clothing Now I do know for these, the more worn out your clothes are, the less they protect you from the elements. To put this in an example say you have a hoodie that is "Pristine", for the most part, it will keep you warm(ish) when it's cold outside. Now take a hoodie that is "Badly Damaged" or even "Ruined" It will not protect you as well and might be the same as if you had almost nothing on. Once again, still working on it I think.

Shoes and Gloves For shoes I believe that the more worn out they are, the less they are able to perform at what they do. Ex: Rubber boots that are damaged will not be as effective at keeping out water when walking through water. The same applies to gloves.


As of right now there only a few things that will be affected in a gun as it deteriorates, but they are critical. As the gun and it's attachments wear down, the most noticeable change is the accuracy of the gun. It will start to have a spray range rather than an exact point where all bullets go, and this applies to the bullets. Most bullets come pristine but there are a few that do not, and like with the gun, it will have a spray affect on your shots.

Weapon Attachments

Optics The optics of your gun. You should really only take optics for your gun if they are "worn" or "Pristine" because any lower quality than that, and you will have cracks in your optic or other factors that make the optic useless and impossible to see through.

Silencers Well they are already realistic as in that they do not actually "Silence" the gun, its just dampening the sound and its flash. So just like everything else, the lesser the quality, the lesser the effectiveness of the silencing and flash reducing capability of the silencer.

Food Items

One of the types of Items I do not know what the durability of them does, please leave a comment if you know what it is or how it's affected. UPDATE Thanks to a few of the comments below, if you read them, they talk about the food not giving as much energy if it's "ruined" and even possibly getting sick from it.

By Pinx0 on 2014/01/07 at 12:19pm

Perhaps the food gives less energy when damaged. It's just a guess, not tested at all, but I got that feeling after geting hungry right after eating some badly damaged food.

Maybe someone could try to test it.

By themightylc on 2014/01/07 at 1:24pm

I'm pretty sure eating "ruined" food items can or will make you sick. I've seen this in a video. Not gonna try it out! :)

By Marcshall on 2014/01/08 at 4:42am

So far, nothing has made me believe that durability has any great effect in the game (at the moment, obviously). It appears that items don't deteriorate over time so food, clothing and weapons will function largely the same no matter the durability status.

There is, however, one part of the game where durability is working, and it's when you are taking damage. If you get shot or hit by a zombie, your items, except weapons and gear like hats, gloves etc., will loose durability, including stuff in your backpack. Your once pristine assault vest, can opener and cargo pants will be lowered in durability if you get hit by the odd zombie or if you survive shots by other players.

In addition, and I cannot conclude this yet, I have a suspicion that lower quality clothing gives you less protection from initial damage. This comes from a rather laggy evening, where I was hit by a few zombies and when my clothing started to become badly damage or ruined, it seems like I started bleeding more often than usual.

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By Pinx0 on 2014/01/08 at 9:40am

Eating ruined food doesn't make you sick, 100% tested.

By Alternaut on 2014/01/11 at 3:53am

There are a few objects that I noticed durability matter. For example, damaged clips and magazines won't load into weapons. Although ruined rounds do load into the clips and then load as long as the clips fine (don't think this effects the accuracy). With clothing I haven't had a problem with items getting ruined when I wear them, but I have accidentally removed a ruined price of clothes and wasn't able to put it back on (I assume its because it a as ruined).. Can't tell with food since no meter actually track the effects of eating food.

By zyfer on 2014/01/11 at 10:56pm

Food appears to work regardless of durability. Rotten food that has the prefix Rotten, such as Rotten Kiwi or Rotten Banana has a chance of food poisoning.

Ammo seems to be ok then again I don't really pay attention to where the bullets land unless I'm sniping. Magazines and clips though, that's a different one. Ruined magazines and clips appear to be unusable, BUT they can be used. You can not load a ruined clip into a M4 via inventory screen. You have to load it by pressing the reload button which is default to "R".

Silencer doesn't appear to work in game as zombies are still attracted to you or the noise you make even with a pristine silencer.

Optics durability is major. Anything that is not pristine or worn should be dropped immediately. If the Optics has a lens the lens is usually shattered. If the lens is not shattered then it's badly calibrated. Using say a pristine "Long Range Scope" on the Mosin is almost always guaranteed a perfect shot. Using the same setup with badly damage and your never going to hit as it's always a couple meters around the target.

Clothes durability seems to be unaffected except that there appears to be more damage, rips, tears, stains, and that it is overall more faded then pristine. which might eventually make it harder to stay warm. But some of these rips might provide a better camo bonus (THIS IS NOT A STAT) as in it might help your character to blend in better.

By Cupit on 2014/01/13 at 6:12am

I picked up two Magnums and gave one to my friend. His worked fine but mine did not. It just clicked as if out of ammo every time. I checked every round and they were all pristine. We swapped the guns, and it didn't work for my friend either.

It would seem that weapons can become so damaged that they will not fire, even though you can't see the condition of them. Good to know.

By SGTPepper on 2014/02/06 at 10:42am

CANNED FOOD QUALITY i'm prety sure the quality of canned food is for the ''container'' the can itself, not the food inside. I think it as something to do with how you open it. Of cours a can opener will give you 100% food out of the can. But if you can't find one you can open can with other tools such as screwdriver knife bayonet and even axe!! I did some test and here's a funny result with tuna can and firefighter axe. A Worn tuna can gave me 63% food remaining using a firefighter axe to open it and a badly damaged tuna can gave me 32%. Many combination of different canned food and tools needs to be tested. I will try to get it charted

By SGTPepper on 2014/02/06 at 10:46am

About backpacks i think a damaged one will make the stuff inside it get damage faster

By jad1920 on 2014/02/13 at 10:21am

I always go for the pristine stuff just to be carefull

By Nibbels on 2014/03/04 at 5:39pm

1.) I don't know if this was some special problem, but I had a damaged backpack: - It was impossible to use some specific blocks of storageroom. I was unable to put things there. Tried it 10 times with all the stuff. Singleslotstuff, doubleslotties... - I can (quite) surely say that this should not have been a problem of lag.

2.) Once I had all the Food (pristine) stuffed into my trousers. Soon later all this Food was ruined. Cannot remember the status of the trousers, but i suppose they were damaged. The Stuff in my Bag still had been pristine.

By wjm on 2014/04/03 at 11:26am

I'm pretty sure you can't eat tinned food that has been ruined. From my experience it doesn't work. Additionally, I'm pretty sure everyone knows this by now but the Long Rang Scope for the mosin hits to the left of the reticle when damaged.

Edited by wjm on 2014/04/03
By slothdemon on 2014/04/09 at 7:45am

a good thing to know is if you have a stack of loose rounds (.45,9mm,.357 ect...) and they are showing as ruined.. you can split the ammo in your inventory and find the damaged bullet. every round except the one which is ruined will be pristine . This is because that 1 round lowers the shown quality of the stack.

By Lamprizer on 2014/05/16 at 10:14am

@Nibbels. For the first problem you listed there, it can be fixed by just rejoin. You won't get that slot working unless you rejoin that or other servers. And to the second one, if you get hit from front, your jacket, vest or trousers are the equipments that are going to take damage, it does matter which direction you are facing. Not sure does food take damage when running if they are in your trousers pockets.

By grenkutz on 2014/05/30 at 12:49pm

btw you can repare most of clothes with a sewing kit :)


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