DayZ: Getting Comfortable by kriskoolness at Jan 6, 2014 6:44pm

Now, Lets Get Something Straight....

DayZ is not your friend. DayZ is a cruel mistress with intentions of making your life (In DayZ) miserable. You Never safe. Even when you think you are, something is out there to get you. Be it zombies or be it players. You don't Own DayZ, DayZ owns you... Just so you have been warned.

Tips and Tricks

The absolute basics For surviving the hell hole that is DayZ:

Tip #1- The First thing you need to do is find a melee weapon, preferably an axe. This tasty tool can Cut zombies into bit with the simple click of a button. Also useful on players :D

Tip #2- You're going to need a backpack. All those loots can't fit into one pair of pants. Inventory space is scarce in this game. And a stylish backpack could go very well with your outfit.

Tip #3- Food and Drink. Although in the DayZ mod food and drink weren't really essential, The now DayZ standalone requires the player to maintain hunger and thirst levels of the character quite regularly.

Tip #4- If it's night turn up your gamma. Picking out shapes might be difficult but this could give you and upper hand against your opponent at night.

Tip #5- Strength in numbers. Try to make friends with as many people as possible. Its better to meet a friendly then a bandit.

Tip #6- People can't be trusted. Now this might sound contradictory but it's true. People might seem friendly but are waiting for the moment you loose your guard.It's at that moment you die. So make friends but always be prepared.

Tip #7-Guns. Guns!!!!!111, GUNS!!!!?????? Now we have gotten to the delicate subject of guns. Looking for a pistol, head to a fire station. Looking for a real gun? Head to one of the many military bases. Its provides and extra defence against the many dangers across Pandora... I mean Chernarus.

Tip #8- Finally, Fighting zombies. Well it looks like you have gotten into a situation with a zombie. In order to attack him/her without being harmed you must run around in a circular motion while hacking his brains out :D. Should do the trick.

Warning! - DayZ don'ts

Don't #1 - Don't eat rotten fruit.

Don't #2 - Don't drink disinfectant spray.

Don't #3 - Don't drink Alcohol.

Don't #4 - Don't take blood of the wrong blood type.

Don't #5 - Don't attack heavily armed groups.

Don't #6 - Don't make too much noise.

Don't #7 - Don't be reckless.


You are now ready to fight back against the world that is DayZ. Have Fun and Good Luck

By Ozone172 on 2014/01/07 at 12:30am

hmm, this doesn't sound like Kris, don't be reckless? And all those don'ts? Hmm you've been testing on yourself again, haven't you?

By BurritoSupreme on 2014/01/17 at 3:05am

And if you see a group of 2 or three friends assume that they are out to have fun together and kill anyone that threatens their fun. If the group doesn't seem interested in sharing items I usually steer clear >_>

By SGTPepper on 2014/02/06 at 11:08am

Charge zombies with an axe. They need to stop before attaking... exept for the diving one. I usualy run towards them and hit them. if you wait for them to get close they will hit you first and you won't be in range to hit them with your axe

By rickjames on 2014/03/01 at 10:54am

Don't #8 Don't linger. Get in and get out quick. The forest is for inventory review.

Here is an obvious tip in hindsight. Don't freaking linger near loot spawns. Last night I was killed suddenly because I found a kewl thing-a-magig and stood there inspecting it too long. Next thing I know black screen. Get the loot and get out. Hide in the woods to inspect your inventory.

By whittam2015 on 2015/02/02 at 6:14pm

Nice advice!, when I first ever played DayZ I always drank alcohol to try get drunk but then I notice I was getting sick, I kept doing it all the time now when I see alcohol I collect it until I hold someone up and force them to drink a full bottle it's funny but I only do that when they are bandits


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