How to Avoid Being Attacked on Sight, and How to Cope With Bandits by oSSSeth at Jan 1, 2014 10:51pm

Although the modification versions of DayZ had its share of bandits who gunned down anything that moved in view, the alpha seems to have a lot more. For newer survivors without weapons to combat them, it can be frustrating to be killed by them. Here's a few tips that have worked for me and others in the DayZ community in avoiding death by other players.

Team with Friends

A lone player is easy pickings for a bandit with a scoped Mosin in a bush half a kilometer away. Traveling with one or two friends might give a potential bandit a reason to avoid trying to rob you, especially if your group flaunts weaponry (even if it's unloaded). If you really need someone to watch your back, try going to the coast and finding a new player to take under your wing. Don't try to convince a fully kitted-out survivor to help you, as they most likely betray you later on, unless you're lucky to find someone who genuinely wants to help.

Avoid Large Cities

By far the easiest to accomplish. Larger cities attract bandits looking for a lot of bounty, like Vybor or Chernogorsk. Although it might take longer to search smaller clusters of buildings for items, it is much less likely you will run into other players looking around also. Still, exercise caution when entering a town, bringing us to my next pointer:

Look Before Entering

DO NOT BLINDLY ENTER AREAS. Hold right click, scan the area for thirty seconds. This will also give you the opportunity to note the location of zombies in the area. More than once looking over a town before strolling in has prevented me from walking right into a group of armed players. If you see them, either leave, or if it's too late to escape undetected, go prone in bush or the equivalent until the coast is clear. And if at this point you have the misfortune to run into a antsy player,

Use Direct Communication and Gestures

They have a M4A1 leveled at your head, and you have no place to run. First thing that will help you is to communicate to them. Caps Lock is the default button for voice chat if you're mic'd up (which I strongly reccomend, if not, use Slash for normal chat); say something along the lines of, "Friendly, Friendly!". Giving them a sense of your intentions will increase the likelihood that they will let leave unscathed. In addition, make sure you put away any weapon you have out, decreasing their anxiety. If, at this point, they're still ready to kill you (or haven't already blown yoru skull into a million pieces) using the gestures can perhaps save your life. F1 is wave, F2 is putting your hands up, and F3 is sitting down. If they want your stuff, give it. If you refuse, they can just as easily gun you down and loot anyway, so don't give them a reason to. Or, if you're feeling lucky,


You can also try pretending that you have friends just waiting to open fire. Tell them if they don't drop some stuff and run, your imaginary companions will gun them down before they make it five feet. To add a little more realism to it, you could try direct communication to pretend that you're telling your non-existent squadmates to hold fire unless he shoots. Of course, they might take their chances and shoot you anyway, but it's worth trying if you're not willing to quickly part with your hard earned items.

Run Like Hell/Fight

If all else has failed, try to make a break for it as a last resort. At this point, you're either dead or about to be killed, so you might as well try this as last ditch effort to live. Keep in mind, they will shoot to kill when you're running, and most likely you will be killed, but its worth a shot. I only got away once from being held up by bandits by running, so like I said before, it's a desperate move. If you realize you have zero chance of running, and you're being held up by a single bandit, trying to punch/axe them in the face until they fall over can give you a chance to grab their weapons out of their inventory and kill them.

If anyone else has some useful methods for avoiding hostile bandits, by all means, post them below, I will happily add them in. I hope this helps helps someone out there in the alpha! If you find it useful, please upvote this guide, I would appreciate it!

By PunchHimInThe on 2013/12/28 at 6:14pm

How about if you're near one person, communicate via chat (/) to tell them that you do not want any trouble, but if you're near two or more people grouped together, to stay away from them, or hide somewhere you won't be found likely

By oSSSeth on 2013/12/28 at 7:03pm

@PunchHimInThe Thanks for the advice! I'll add that in when I get the chance.

By Eflow on 2013/12/29 at 3:37am

The best trick on the book. If the enemy don't see you but you're very nearby, tell them on Direct chat that you have friends that have scopes on your eyes or could engage you in any second if you pose a threat. After tell them to leave but I suggest you leave as well as they won't just be running away like that.

By oSSSeth on 2013/12/29 at 8:40am

Excellent idea. I was actually considering trying to fool some bandit I saw in the distance into thinking my posse had rifles trained on them and if they didn't drop some food and run we would kill him.

By PunchHimInThe on 2013/12/29 at 3:17pm

Ah-Hah! The good ol' "Not alone" trick! I'll pull that one here and there when I'm playing with my friend. It fools them every time!

By Makarov on 2013/12/31 at 12:30am

Head punch strategy: If you are stopped by a bandit (ONE), start punching him in the head. When he falls, RUN, RUN FOR UR LIVE!!!

By Livius1 on 2014/01/01 at 10:06am

for bluff, you should talk on voice chat to your imaginary friends, "dont shoot him yet, kill him if he shoots me"

By oSSSeth on 2014/01/01 at 2:52pm

All above methods add in, thanks everyone!

By hotshotxjeff on 2014/01/09 at 1:35pm

Warning shots are also a good thing too. You spend 4 hours getting the gear you want you're really quick to run when you hear shooting. and sense your melee weapons have gun shot sounds right now. Scare them off.

By Hellsquad on 2014/01/21 at 12:36pm

Cannot stress enough how important it is to keep calm, and ALWAYS play DayZ with a microphone ready. I am a bandit, and just yesterday I met a guy who I planned to kill, but he was so kind I let him free. If he had no mic and could not speak his own he would be dead now and I would be a coyote backpack richer.

Also, if you do run, try lieing down as soon as you are out of sight. Whether you are in a town or forest, you will run out of cover sooner or later, so lie down and they will likely run past you. This can be contested when the attacker (like myself) has a weak PC. They will not load the grass, and so they can see players hiding much more easily. Ghillie suit have no effect on me whatsoever.

The most important thing is be nice to people. If they cannot see you are a veteran (i.e AK in hand, ghillie suit on) then say "Hi. I just spawned, do you know where I am I got lost." and ALWAYS end with "Okay, thanks for the help, have a nice day! :)" No one can be so morally deprived that they shoot you in the back then. Hope I helped.

By Hellsquad on 2014/01/21 at 12:42pm

As an extra tip, when you have just spawned you have NOTHING TO LOSE. If you spawn near cherno/elektro, go for it! If you live then you have better loot than those who feared, if you die the respawn and retry! Simple.

By TehAgent on 2014/01/27 at 11:14am

Heres my experience:

Players who are geared up will shoot on sight. You wont even have time to raise your hands or say anything unless you see them before they see you - in which case you should be hiding or fleeing the area. This game is in an early Alpha state, and so there is not much to do outside of trolling people and looting their bodies for things they dont even need to kill for.

It seems to be rare that anyone will help you. They may hold you hostage, they may kill you, they may force feed you rotten foods and disinfectant. In my first night I geared up with 4 friends. I got killed by a ghoster, then killed again by friendly fire. Luckily they managed to keep my gear and I got most of it back.

There are snipers who sit and wait for foragers to shoot. They dont even come out to loot your body - you are literally target practice. The best advice to not get shot on sight is to not be spotted in the first place. Roll with friends. Even friends you make in game may well turn on you when you have gear they want. This game brings out the worst of human nature and thats why its so friggin good.

Edited by TehAgent on 2014/01/27
By KnifeParty on 2014/01/28 at 8:47pm

I would suggest against trying to fake a second voice. The reason being is that your characters lips move when you talk through the mic. He will see your lips move when you talk as your other buddy, giving away your ruse.

By jad1920 on 2014/02/13 at 5:49am

This is good but the truth is if you find a firendly player you must leave them he might double cross you and if you wanna talk and have a mask you can fake talk it will work. Thanks to johnnyx250 for killing me after I spared your life, if you wanted my gun i could have gave it to you before jamesdragon died from falling in the firestation in NW airfield.

By Smythe86 on 2014/02/13 at 11:20am

I have found that I don't trust anyone, and always roll with 2 other players. I don't actively hunt players, but when i do see them I shoot if theyre close by

By 89ShadowUK on 2014/02/25 at 2:43am

One of my favourite tips is too have a kitchen knife in my bag/pocket. Keeping it hot barred as well. If I am held up, I find it quite handy to bash the key to draw it (It will simply spawn into your hand, rather than the animation that takes a few seconds, of drawing a weapon) - a punch with a fist may knock out the bandit, but a knife to the face gives a strong chance of at least seriously wounding the player. If you have a buddy with you, it also gives a strong chance for them to either make a run for it, or ambush as well. For example, me and a friend once got caught in the super market of Elektro, the player was wielding an SKS rifle. I bashed "4", my key for my knife - and stabbed him twice as he fired. If my knife had been pristine, I may well have caused serious damage to him. Obviously he killed me, but it gave my buddy the chance to retreat, as the bandit fell back immediately to bandage or whatever.

You will die if you don't do anything, so try and do something. If you can save your buddy, I recommend it - it's better than you both respawning as bambies!

By rickjames on 2014/03/01 at 10:52am

Here is an obvious tip in hindsight. Don't freaking linger near loot spawns. Last night I was killed suddenly because I found a kewl thing-a-magig and stood there inspecting it too long. Next thing I know black screen. Get the loot and get out. Hide in the woods to inspect your inventory.

By Rizbucket2012 on 2014/04/12 at 6:50am

As soon as you get a gun, you are so much more likely to get shot on site. I look for ammo first, so that as soon I find a gun, I can split. If I find a gun first, I'll go hide it somewhere close to the city and come back for it later. Also like the guy above said, don't stay in loot areas too long.

By sparta2250 on 2014/04/17 at 2:28am

if you see a person first and you are armed try to go up behind them and get the to leave their weapon and leave. this will guarantee safety from the person for at least a while.

By Soulkiller142 on 2014/06/28 at 5:59am

You shouldn't attack anybody just because they have a gun, unless they are going to kill you. Four instance, I usually want to genuinely help people with in the game but I exercise extreme caution so I always hold a gun to them whether or not they have a gun. You should always be careful and think of your actions. One time I was playing and I was in Berozino* by the grocery store. I saw a fellow player who barely had much but a helmet and a pickaxe. I talked through the Mic "Hey you stop friendly I'm willing to help." The guy ran away. So I followed him and eventually I couldn't find him so I returned to my old spot and he came out of nowhere hitting me. Now I was scared and mad at the same time. I gave them another warning keep in mind I have full military gear SKS and two pistols the CR 75 and the Fnx 45. He didn't listen so I shot him and broke his leg and another character came out of nowhere and attempted to attack me, and I said "if you approach me I will shoot you like the guy in front of you" and he just ended up killing the guy that I had shot. So people like that can change a person like me who genuinely wants to help you, to want to go kill people. So just know your actions have reactions.

Edited by Soulkiller142 on 2014/06/28


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