How to properly survive. by FreedomSoftware at Mar 9, 2014 12:56am

These are the basic guide lines that i follow when i play standalone.

Please note that everything varies on SA, hunger and thirst are EXTREMELY bugged at the moment so surviving is difficult for LONG periods of time with out food and drink. **Edit #1: I was wrong about hunger and thirst being bugged. Check the comments.

Finding some form of weapon.

In the mod finding weapons is definitely A LOT harder then on standalone. Some places to check on the mod are fire stations, super markets, and Balota Airfield. These are some of the places that are in the southern part of the map that are easiest to find weapons.

When it comes to the SA, weapons spawns are very unpredictable. Most/all buildings are lootable to check every house. But some weapons at the moment are completely useless. Some examples of useless weapons are the hammer, shovel, screwdriver, and pipe wrench. These weapons may be bugged are that could just be how they are. A good weapon to use against zombies and players is the hatchet from the mod. It is usually a 2 hit kill to a player, and 2-6 hit kill on zombie. I found that hitting a zombie on the back with a hatchet seems to do the most damage an can sometimes kill a zombie in one hit.

Getting bandages.

One thing I didn't check to see when i played standalone for the first time was if i had some bandages, and technically you don't. But since you are reading this you will learn that the shirt you spawn with can actually be turn into rags (bandages). Of course its helpful because getting shot, hit by player or zombie, or punched can make u bleed out your ass. So make sure if you don't have enough tear up clothes on the ground that you know for a fact you will not be using.

Fists are useless

Don't use your fists. It takes about 20+ hits to kill a player.

Go straight to the north after to finding some basic gear.

Currently loot doesn't re-spawn, so in turn most if not all gear from the south is usually gone. For some reason the stupid players like to hang around southern parts of the map when the hole map is actually explorable. These easiest way to survive and find loot is to go north and find a big town and loot EVERY building. You should come out with a metric butt-ton of supplies.

Look for wells.

Wells/ponds are currently your best friend. Wells and ponds will allow to infinitely fill your water bottle/canteen, and also allow you to drink directly from it. When you find a well or pond drink until it says "I feel full" then after that u will good on water for a while. (I didn't have to drink for about 5 hours.) But make sure you don't drink too much. It can cause you to pass out.


Loot in standalone can spawn anywhere in a building. Make sure you are checking EVERY nook and cranny of a room before moving on. Loot can be on shelves, under beds, on table, on stoves, on chairs, under chairs, and even inside of cars.

These are just some quick things I follow when I play the standalone.

By Pois0nF34r on 2013/12/27 at 5:59pm

Fists are certainly not useless. You can knock someone down in 2 punches to the head and take their weapon from their body. When they get back up you can then use their weapon against them. Prime example: http://youtu.be/ojOIVud3DtE

By bootpilot on 2013/12/28 at 3:55am

How are hunger and thirst bugged? With energy and water at healing levels, you can survive for a pretty long time without eating anything. I think it's just natural for surviving to be "difficult for LONG periods of time with out food and drink."

By Dallebull on 2013/12/28 at 9:14am

The Food and Drink isnt Bugged... The problem is that ppl only eat/drink until the messages in the inventory disappears. That doesn't make you Full. Just not hungry and/or thirsty atm, You can actually eat or drink about 5-10 more cans of food until your stomach gets Full, and then you'll last far longer. But don't drink until ur full at a pond/well. Then you'll get hungry with a full stomach of fluid, thus food will make you vomit.

Edited by Dallebull on 2013/12/28
By oSSSeth on 2013/12/30 at 6:47pm

Best weapon is the fire axe, not a hatchet. One shots zombies, and will take down a survivor in about three hits or so. ALWAYS CARRY ONE, it should be your number one goal before you try to go for guns.

By Battieralarm3 on 2014/01/02 at 10:14am

One of the better melee weapons me and my friend learned to use is the Pipe wrench, it will knock out a player without a helmet in one shot to the head, which is pretty much end game for them if you are planning on killing them.


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