The Most Efficient Way To Gear Up As Of 4/5/2014 by Kazaskie at Apr 6, 2014 3:13am

A few prerequisites- - General knowledge of the map - Basic knowledge of the game mechanics (food, water, zombie pathing/agro) - Willingness to play 'dirty' - Avoid looting any buildings unless specifically mentioned - Knowledge about avoiding and defending against zombies with no weapon

Step #1 - Kill yourself in any way possible until you spawn somewhere north of Solnichniy.

Step #2 - Hop onto a low pub server. 5 people or less. Playing early in the morning or late at night on low pub / empty servers gives a significantly better chance to gear up in a shorter period of time.

Step #3 - Loot the construction building in Berezino, loot the 3 barns near the construction site, drink up at a water fountain, and quickly loot both grocery stores. Avoid zombies as best as possible. Even if you obtain a good melee weapon, do not attempt to kill zombies unless cornered. Try to find a backpack or more spacious clothes than your default clothes.

Step #4 - Head North East towards the Lumber Mill. Loot the barns, office, and the piano buildings in the area to the North.

Step #5 - Loot the blue medical building and police station on the very North East end of Berezino. Avoid zombies at all costs. Loot quickly and stay on the move. Listen for gun shots or other players.

Step #6 - Run slightly North West. You should soon arrive at the NEAF.

Step #7 - Observe the NEAF. Note open doors, or aggro. If the doors to the eastern prison building are open, it has been looted. You have a decision to make here - server hop or loot.

Step #8 - Whether you decide to loot or hop, do so quickly. Play with headphones, and listen for foot steps. Loot both hangars, both prison buildings, and the ACT.

If you've followed these steps to a T, this should've taken about 30 minutes. You should have spacious clothes, a pistol and a primary weapon, ammo, food, and a large backpack. If you're unhappy with the loot gathered, head directly north and you should arrive at a new town with no name. It has several high loot value buildings, and a firestation.

By AncientEnding on 2014/04/23 at 10:26am

Thanks, ima be trying this when i get in game again.

By Smallbrainfield on 2014/04/28 at 4:54am

This is a pretty good strategy as long as you keep moving. I would stress extreme caution visiting the NE airfield, though. In my experience it can be the most dangerous airfield to visit alone, there is little to no tree cover and the hillside to the north is perfect for snipers.

If you're quick (and in a hurry) it's a good stop off, but I'd plump for the NW airfield now the tents spawn loot.


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