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Water Bottle

Water Bottles provide the most inventory efficient way to stock a drinking supply and are currently the only way to do so without continuously looting buildings or players. After a water bottle has been consumed, it can be refilled at any potable water supply such as a pond or well.

To refill a water bottle, stand near the edge of a pond or directly next to a well and right click on an empty water bottle in your inventory then select the option to refill it. Any empty water bottles stored in a backpack will need to be moved to the main inventory before they can be refilled.

Important notes:

  • Entering deep water will force the dropping of heavy gear to allow for swimming. To prevent accidentally dropping your items while trying to fill water bottles, stay near the edge of the water and slowly go further in until you can refill the bottles.

Usage tips:

  • Ponds are marked on the Map and wells are marked on the DayZDB map as faucet icons.
  • Slowly replace all canned drinks with water bottles until you have 3 (give or take), only picking up new canned drinks for immediate use rather than stocking.
  • With a Hunting Knife, Box of Matches, Hatchet and Water Bottle you can survive permanently in the wilderness without the need to loot buildings.
  • You cannot refill a water bottle with seawater
By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 7:20pm

I usually carry two or so with me because it's nice to be able to refile them and not have to keep picking up soda!

By Demoarlized on 2012/07/18 at 3:13pm

The Water Bottle (i.e. Canteen) when consumed will reset your Thirst Meter to full. This Water Bottle (i.e. Canteen) is reusable and can be re-filled when near a fresh water source such as a pond, well, or water pump. The player must be near the water source in order to fill, then right click the Canteen for the option to fill. -DayZ Wiki

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