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V3S Civilian

The V3S civilian is a large army truck capable of storing a large amount of weapons and items (200 items, 50 weapons).

It is usually used for "land raids" on big servers, as you can fit up to 14 people in them and it can go approximately 45kph while offroad. It is very versatile and will not break easily. This is another reason most people would want a V3S or a Ural Civilian.

By ZombieMoses on 2012/08/02 at 6:22pm

A rugged, reliable vehicle. Although it roars like a hellhound, you won't have any trouble with road signs, zed, fence posts, livestock, or any other small squishy objects. It's not nimble off-road however, so be wary of driving across open fields or a fire team will put holes in you. This vehicle can be used as a mobile base, kept well-guarded and on the move when bounding around Chernarus. Best of all, the color scheme allows it to blend in somewhat, so finding it a nice cozy forest around the edge of the map should keep it safe while you're offline.

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By Slowrider8 on 2012/08/19 at 7:20am

I was very lucky with this. After finding a helicopter crash site, me and a friend came across one of these, in near perfect condition. I also had a spare fuel tank to I could fill it up so we could find another gas station. Shame we lost it though

By Raventi on 2012/10/22 at 1:24pm

I would love to find one of these! It would make great transportation and storage! Considering campng tents don't seem to work on a Private Hive server I play on....

By Deathknight117 on 2012/10/07 at 5:00pm

Butters the best vehicle to start out on would be a GAZ or a UAZ or a vehicle that doesnt have as many wheels so maybe a GAZ or two ATVs or Motorbikes

By Karasho on 2012/08/13 at 11:58am

This Vehicle is probably one of the best in this game. Found one in the Solnichny Factory Area with my friends, it took us 3 wheels and some engine parts to repair it fully. With 200 slots an awesome mobile base, and it it good for a supply run too. You gonna have much fun with this vehicle if you find one.

By pavlof on 2012/08/13 at 4:22am

Why are there no spwan locations for this one on the dayz db map? is it still in the game?

Edited by pavlof on 2012/08/18
By JETPACKMADDNESS on 2012/12/11 at 2:45am

I started playin DayZ about a week ago now, just got the one from quarry after dieing of starvation at the nw airfeild! Trol death! I only had shit stuff anyway!

By HFBLtDan on 2012/09/07 at 8:07pm

There are people killing you for a can of soda, and for the Truck you are allmost dead, if sb sees you. For this reason I'´d prefer the Ural Truck, because if you are in behind you are not a that easy target. And the 2 more seats in the V3S are no reason though the fuellcapasity is 2 jerrycans smaller. But anyway better than nothing. Or a Car

By sargeantbutters on 2012/08/29 at 3:15pm

Me and my group of friends that play this game (Four people, give or take, most likely four.) are going to have a go at repairing our first vehicle in DayZ, would this car be a good candidate for a first time car repair team?

By Shankeh on 2012/08/28 at 11:02am

Stole one of these down at Balota. Heheheheheh.


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