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Ural Civilian

By Parched on 2012/08/01 at 11:13am

The spot to save this can be a little annoying to find, it should be on the passenger's side, where the spare tire is. The Ural can also take trees down by running into them with little to no damage to the truck.

By Omricon on 2012/08/02 at 11:05pm

Decent truck, one of the best vehicles in the game if playing with multiple people.

By LivingPixel on 2013/02/22 at 12:55am

In my opinion, this looks better than the VS3 Civilian.

By Krazymankiller on 2012/10/27 at 8:56pm

This is the first truck i ever had. My friend and i just went town to town, loading things into it and driving off. It is ridiculous how much it can cary. It was my first vehicle i was very careful about not hitting anything. I eventually found out that it can take so much damage and abuse that all that worry wasnt necessary. Best vehicle, ever.

By Gant on 2012/08/04 at 12:59am

The screenshot through a scope was taken at the north-eastern airport.

It spawned i the hanger closest to the tower. :)

By KBWSnipe on 2012/12/01 at 8:24am

on namalsk by the airfield there is a bay/lake type area and there is a shallow area, my friends were trading a chopper and thought they had to drive around. i jsut drover thought the water. can prob go through like 2 feet at least

By experiment123 on 2012/11/27 at 11:42am

I'll never forget the time I was riding with a full load of people and a satchel charge went off beside us...

By jimjo on 2012/11/17 at 8:05am

this is the best truck in the game. but you better hide it really well as it seams like every clan on the server will want this thing. and what ever you do don't take it looting with you as if your in a simple car the clan with the helicopter will just ignore you, but with this theres no chance of that.

By MxLionheart on 2012/09/23 at 6:35am

Have come across orange ones on several private hives, to note the UAZ's also were desert colored as opposed to the usual forest coloration.

By NoChives on 2012/08/04 at 3:41pm

The vehicle is a monster truck, runs down fences, signs and small trees without sustaining too much structural damage. The cargo load is staggering, and the back is covered, unlike the V3S making it safer for the occupants. But be careful, it still can get hung up on strange terrain especially rocks and the like. The game's still buggy so with some careful driving, this truck is boss.

By Doogle300 on 2012/08/03 at 1:17pm

Typing with yer paws???? Please tell me a dog has figured out how to play DayZ. Also thanks for the info guys, Looking intently for one of these now!

:Edit: Just realised you are obviously a Fox

Edited by Doogle300 on 2012/08/03
By Lexi on 2013/02/25 at 4:25pm

Found a khaki coloured Ural near NWAF.

By Softfox on 2012/08/03 at 8:23am

thanks parched and omricon


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