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UH-1H Huey

The UH-1H Huey is a helicopter in DayZ fitted with a pair of M240 machine guns, with one mounted on each side door. Finding and repairing a Huey is considered to be the crowning achievement of Day Z.

Fixing a Huey is a difficult task. To be fully repaired, it requires one Main Rotor Assembly, one Engine Parts, four Scrap Metal, eight Windscreen Glass, and as many filled jerry cans as possible. To be fully fueled, a Huey requires 50 jerry cans, so low-fuel runs to fuel tanks are common. When refueling, it's important to let the refueling animation finish, or the fuel may be lost.

Flying in DayZ is fairly complicated for a beginner; many potential pilots first learn the controls in the ArmA2 editor or tutorials, as helicopter flights led by unfamiliar survivors tend to be short-lived. Landing the Huey is one of the most crucial skills to perfect, as descent speed must be carefully controlled to avoid damage.

Ejecting from a Huey is possible, but dangerous. If the helicopter if flying up and forward, the player is supposed to deploy a parachute, allowing for a potentially safe landing. However, it's possible die instantly when ejecting, and if you survive, hitting a tree while parachuting will also kill you.

The storage is located at the end of the tail boom, entire tip and the side opposing the tail rotor. It can hold 20 items, but be advised that any items stored on vehicles may be lost when the server restarts due to sketchy saving.

German Information

Der UH-1H Huey ist ein Hubschrauber der mit zwei M240-Geschützen ausgestattet ist. Diese befinden sich auf den jeweiligen Türen. Einen Huey zu finden, und diesen ebenso zu reparieren ist eine schwere Aufgabe in DayZ die machmal eine Auszeichnung wert sein sollte.

Einen Huey zu reparieren ist eine schwierige Aufgabe. Um diesen komplett zu reparieren benötigen Sie ein Main Rotor Assembly, einmal Engine Parts, vier Scrap Metal, acht Windscreen Glass, und soviele gefüllte jerry cans wie möglich.

Einen Hubschrauber gut und schnell in DayZ zu fliegen, ist Anfangs eine komplizierte Sache. Jedoch kann man dies durch diverse Tutorials oder eigenständiges üben im ArmA II Editor schnell erlernen. Grundsätzlich ist das Landen mit etwas Übung auch nicht so kompliziert wie behauptet. Sehr einfach funktioniert dies mit dem Auto-Hover-Modus.

Das Hinaussprichen aus einem fliegenden Huey ist möglich, jedoch auch gefährlich. Wichtig ist, dass der Pilot der den Huey fliegt darauf achten muss, dass die hinausspringenden Spielen genügend Platz haben, damit der Fallschirm nicht mit dem Hubschrauber kolidiert. Ebenso müssen die Fallschirmspringer darauf achte, dass diese nicht mit einem Fallschirm in einem Baum landen, denn dies könnte ebenso den Tod bedeuten.

Der Lagerplatz des Huey's befindet sich im Hinteren Teil des Hubschraubers, noch vor dem Ansatz des Heckrotors. Dieser kann maximal 20 Items halten.

By Thaua on 2012/08/04 at 9:59am

To practice on the huey: Use the Armory. It features absolutely everything ArmA2 can offer, except for more elaborated missions. Launch ArmA2:OA NORMALLY (without DayZ). Go to Single Player, then Armory and select a map (If you never played Arma2 before, the screen that comes up is where you can select the map. Chernarrus is where our beloved DayZ takes place, Takistan is a large, wide desert themed map and Utes is a small island whit fairly flat terrain, little vegetation and an aircraft carrier to the southwest, you may find it interesting to start there. Then you'll be prompted to choose an equipment. There are four settings to filter the Armory into the equipment you would like to test. The first is the faction your character will side with, doesn't matter at all. The second is the class of equipment (For the huey, choose vehicles). The third is the class of the equipment itself. Pretty obviously, choose helicopters. And finally, the fourth is the equipment you'll test. Search for the UH-1H, there are two, both only differing in paint schemes on the hull, but the green one on DayZ is the UH-1H(Takistani locals). There, click "try!" and you'll start on the cockpit. press your increase trust (climb) key and the chopper will start up.

Other tips If the UH-1H is in red, it means it is locked and you cannot use it until you sum enough points to unlock it. To get some points, complete chalenges with other weaponry inside the armory. The game will chalenge you, and if you complete it, you get some points. You can also complete the Campaign (which one, i don't remember) for 20000 points or google for a cheat (it will not get you banned, don't worry) to unlock everything in the Armory. There's also another chopper available for you to fly, it behave slightly different, but the principle in flight mechanics is the same. If you're struggling to bring your chopper to a hover for your gunner or for a precise landing, switch on the Auto Hover feature in the mouse wheel menu. You can also play the tutorials on flying helicopters under the Boot Campoption under Single Player. It is also possible to host a multiplayer session of the Armory to let loose your curiosity. How many bullets can the huey take until it goes down, how to run over people with the chopper, etc. If you die, you respawn with a fresh chopper so no lost gear so nothing to worry about.

By the way @Shroom: Remeber, you're playing a mod built upon a realistic military simulator. Try shooting the engine.

@edit: Mistaken the name of the chopper in the armory. There's two of UH-1, the UH-1H which are the Hueys and the UH-1Y, a quad blade rotor with pilot controlled rocket lauchers and a pair of miniguns for the gunners. That is the chopper you find on heli crash sites.

Edited by Thaua on 2012/08/04
By Shroom on 2012/08/01 at 8:24am

The M240 machine guns mounted on the Huey are very difficult to aim properly, don't show up on the screen very well (I'm convinced the crosshairs are lying to me, as I've shot at zombies point blank with the crosshairs 'on' them and have missed), as well as not allowing you to use their iron sights. Quite useless, in my opinion. Save that M240 ammo for an Mk 48.

By Raventi on 2012/10/22 at 1:22pm

Me and 2 buddies found 3 of these on one was Lingor. 1 we fixed right away and the other 2 needed some parts. Later on we broke our first ones engine so we pretty much had our 3 cars left (van, military offroad, and skoda.) After that one of my buddies killed one of the admins, he kicked me and banned the others...we had pretty good loot too! I had M24, they had DMR, M16 ACOG, and M4A1

By biscuitsakimbo on 2012/09/02 at 7:57am

I'll never forget seeing a Huey crash. I was looting the hospital in Electro when the Huey came streaking out of the sky, it's passengers frantically jumping out and dying as they smashed into the ground, and the explosion when it crashed into the corner-store near the hospital. Classic.

By MxLionheart on 2012/07/30 at 3:07pm

Part of me wants to test how fragile the heli is with the one we fixed up earlier, but part me doesnt. Will try and gather data on this soon - im sure we will be shot at when strafing crash sites sooner or later :P

By Dave112 on 2012/09/21 at 3:47am

found a chopper in Devils castle

By Ujinty on 2012/09/09 at 6:21pm

If the pilot gets kicked off the server for any reason, the Huey will immediately cut off the engine and plummet to the ground. Fortunately, it is possible to survive if it close enough to the ground! Also, since that's a cheesy way to die, I'd recommend aborting. You'll teleport to the ground safely when you log back in.

By Residentleo5 on 2013/07/13 at 10:39pm

Hard to fly, but the best chopper if you know what your doing, in both vanilla arma II and Day Z. If you wanna practice helicopters go to the editor, spawn a guy, whatever side it doesn't matter, then spawn a UH1H (Takistani Locals) if you want the exact paint job. Using the editor you can spawn in helipads and whatnot in tight spaces if you wanna practice landing. If you play battlefield and fly helis there I suggest that you tweak the controls to battlefield controls. Same if you have the WAC community mod for Garry's Mod, then tweak the controls to that, I think they are the same between that and battlefield, I find the default arma controls to be less fluid and annoying to the fingers. The Huey goes incredibly fast, I pushed it to 300! If you wanna land you need to nose up about one and a half kilos before the landing point if you wanna get there faster. That should be all! Happy flying!

By Aetric on 2012/11/16 at 3:56pm

@Shroom Try pressing 0 on the numpad and using the iron sights of the guns. :P

@Sock I've used the parachute on Bliss private servers with little to no problem, try to stay away from mountains though, as a number 1 priority, they will glitch you up them then slam you down. Tree's don't seem all that bad of a thing to me, I usually just glide past them or my parachute pushes me off of them. No personal account of dying from a chute.

Edited by Aetric on 2012/11/16
By loulen on 2012/10/07 at 3:36am

i think the spawn are not the same than before because i found one on the top of the electrozavodsk's hospital and an other in a server i've just launch in elecktro too ps: sorry for my english

By protojx on 2012/09/17 at 9:54am

Can someone please tell me where the spawn for the huey is on Dayz version ?

By Falco on 2012/09/13 at 4:24am

when you play arma you should play the boot camp before playing anything else, be it an arma campaign or any mod

By Sock on 2012/08/27 at 6:56am

does the parachute work? Please sweet baby jeezis say the parachute works

By droidcommando on 2013/04/21 at 4:16pm

good for small player hunts but no match against anything high power. was chased by 3 NPCs ( on Origins, when they do patrols) who were also in Hueys and shot me down instantly. The gunners, pilots and passengers are in the open and more often then not get shot out. I always would pick the Military Mi-17 due to the fact that it has more armor and is faster. but the Huey is still better then an unarmed chopper.

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/04/16 at 3:41pm

It is a great helicopter for dayz, but you might want to practice flying on Armex (part of operation arrowhead) first

By Smartguy-NL on 2013/03/03 at 5:59am

If u want to use the gunner, press numpad 0. It allows you to look trough iron sight ;)

By John2022 on 2013/02/17 at 10:37pm

From the article (really good one btw) : [...]"It can hold 20 items"[...] From the chart on its right and in VehicleComparison one : "Item slots: 25" Please, update the charts. 20 items is the right answer ;)

Edit: And it seems I was able to load only one backpack in it... May someone confirm please?


Edited by John2022 on 2013/02/18
By Masslr on 2013/01/09 at 8:58am

found one today, perfect shape only a little bit fuel so i looked for a tankstation found one tryed to land it (first time), for some reason it went upside down and crashed, i servived the crash with 300 blood dont know how but pretty lucky i guess.

next time ill be more carefuller

By mukaluk on 2013/01/04 at 12:14pm


By CptnKevinnn on 2012/12/29 at 4:43am

Der UH-1H Huey spawnt jetzt nurnoch auf Skalisty Island , der MI-17 Spawnt auf Devils-Carstel und der Little Bird spawnt in Cherno auf dem hohem Industie-Gebeude und am Airstrip oben rechts.

Es kann auf Hive Servern soweit ich weiƒŸ nur von jedem Heli nur einer Spawnen .. Wenn einer kaputt geht spawnt er nur an den oben genannten Stellen nach. Der Heli mƒ¼sste dann 24std. NACH einem Serverrestart stehen.

Lg. Cptn.Kevin ! x3

Edited by CptnKevinnn on 2012/12/29
By cody-1993- on 2012/12/18 at 9:30am

can you find ammo for it or is it just when it runs out its empty?

By Excelo on 2012/12/13 at 7:46pm

found one of the new heli's yesterday with my friends, the AH6X_DZ i believe it was called. took us a few hours to repair by lootpiling at NE airfield. i crashed it later the same day when i got disconnected in midair. what a sad ending to a nice day.

By IceTalon on 2012/11/29 at 2:02am

Great for going great distances but hard to hide/keep because people are always looking for it and well...those huge rotors don't make for stealthy hiding. But can cover the entire map in just a couple minutes with a pilot willing to fly low and fast. Also has a built in GPS so if you go in map can see right where you are. But I do not recommend this if you are wanting to raid. Does not hold much at all and what you will need mostly for it is jerry cans because you wont want to land this near anywhere with a fuel tank. So if you manage to get a heli fixed up make sure you have a good ground vehicle such as a Ural or something to lug your stuff around. I have commonly seen people believe the heli would hold lots of/ the most stuff of any vehicle in the game but they are sadly mistaken when they dump their gear and it all falls out. One of the best/ most common places to "hide" a heli is on top of the hotel in cherno. Because (as far as I know) the only way to get up there is by flying. And if only one heli. Well only the people who dumped it there and logged can get it down.

Edited by IceTalon on 2012/11/29
By experiment123 on 2012/11/27 at 11:35am

I was with some guy in a convoy of two Urals and an ATV. When we were driving to the NW airfield, we saw a helicopter parked and we parked next to it, everything was fine accept the fuel was empty. We had so many jerry cans that it was filled up in no time. So we then had two Urals, an ATV, and a helicopter.... You should have seen the faces of the people when we drove into Cherno. lolz

By MiracleBuffalo on 2012/10/02 at 1:50am

In Chernarus, I've only ever found them on Skalisty Island.

By CptPie on 2012/09/04 at 9:46am

its hart to repair on our server because the huey spawns on salisky island :D but if he is fully repaired and fulled the huey is very useful

By TWiG on 2012/08/27 at 8:23am

If you happen to have an issue aiming with the door guns use the iron sites.. hit "Numpad 0" and you can use your Num+ or Num- to adjust zoom.

By SSG-PaDi on 2012/08/13 at 4:01am

One bullet with the AS50 in the fuel tank and it's bye bye chopper......

By Enzura on 2012/08/05 at 11:01am

@Cashus . Next time, aim for the rotor or the pilot with that Mk 48 Mod 0. We are the heli guys on our server, so we have experimented a bit with it, by being shot down, etc.

By escortrally on 2012/08/01 at 5:04am

me and 2 friends got shot at with a mk 48 last night we got damage to engine, tail rotor and instruments.. tried to fly off but some hacker killed us all at the same time while at 500m and climbing =( Also stay away from trees i just nudged one with the rotor and it turned red, chopper would still fly tho but at very reduced speed.

Edited by escortrally on 2012/08/01
By Cashus on 2012/07/31 at 7:37pm

3 of my friends with a Mk 48 Mod 0, DMR , M16A2 , and AKM i unloaded like a whole clip on the belly of it and still didnt go down saw blood coming out but wow i got the mk 48 which is like a freaking machine gun with dmg of a sniper so that thing still didn't go down. luckily there gunner had horrible aim and kept missing all of us. They flew off =(

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 7:46pm

Keep hearing one flying around. Never saw it though.

By LivingPixel on 2013/02/21 at 6:01am

This damn thing has the same curse as Mountain Dew. Anyone who found this on a hived probaly knows what I mean.

By Killz475 on 2012/12/22 at 7:17am

since when is there a MI-17 spawn on Skalisty island? And why no vehicle info?

By hendrixpwnz on 2012/11/24 at 3:36pm

Awesome for insertions and air to ground combat, but very loud, and hard to conceal. I give it a 6/10, UAZ is still the best in my opinion.

By Woolerland on 2012/09/14 at 11:40am

People said flying choppers were hard? They were so easy on my first try.

I'm able to refuel heli's like normal on however when server restarts it's empty with ALL vehicles.

By Shocki on 2012/09/14 at 4:08am

Fact; There is no way (as of Patch to refill the guns of either side of the heli!

-Shocki out

By Grondothitus on 2012/08/10 at 8:55am

Or you could just make a mission in the editor where you start as a huey pilot.


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