This page contains information about the mod version of DayZ. Standalone information is available here.

Survival ACU

The Survival ACU is functionally equivalent to an ALICE Pack, having the same 16 item slots and 2 secondary weapon slots.

By rajunrick on 2013/02/26 at 3:14am

It says 2 weapon slots, but only has 16 item slots. So does this mean it stores weapons separately from the items? Or is it 10 slots for a main weapon, 5 slots for a sidearm, and 1 remaining for an item?

By KingKobb208 on 2013/02/10 at 8:24am

Have you ever had to choose between an Alice pack and a Czech pack? If so this is the backpack for YOU. This new item mixes the camo from the Czech and the space of the Alice!

By NewClearWinter on 2013/02/10 at 1:12pm

I found this backpack on a dead bandit. I dropped my Coyote backpack for it. It looks a lot smaller and more compact and I can brag about how I got the neat looking backpack!


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