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To fully repair a Skoda, the following parts are required:

By droidcommando on 2012/12/17 at 5:32pm

I believe when you go offroad its like then flintstones, you just stick your feet through the bottom and you walk

By boxy0127 on 2012/08/13 at 10:00pm

To completely repair this vehicle you will need:

1 Scrap Metal 1 Fuel tank Parts 1 Engine Parts 4 Wheels 4 Windscreen Glass Note: Some cars will spawn with fully or partly repaired windows.

By Lazureus on 2013/01/17 at 2:48pm

I believe this car only has 8 gun slots. It just ate the revolver I was packing away and there were only 8 firearms inside.

By DayZFrost on 2012/11/12 at 8:25am

I don't think the Skoda has a 200L fuel capacity. I had one of these (called "Sedan" in game) and it had a 60L fuel capacity, at 3 Jerry Cans to fill. My "Sedan" looked exactly like this Skoda and shared all other features/stats, including the awful off-road speed.

On another note, what's absurd is that this car is 43kph slower off road than an "Old Bicycle", and only 10kph faster than that bicycle on road! Shenanigans! And what old bicycle is even capable of 70kph anyway? Even with Lance Dopestrong riding it would be a stretch. ;)

Edited by DayZFrost on 2012/11/12
By Raventi on 2012/10/22 at 1:24pm

Horrible speed offroad...I usually travel like that


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