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The Sa-58 (vz. 58) is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia. The Sa-58 externally resembles the Soviet AK-47, but is internally a substantially different design based on a short-stroke gas piston, which shares absolutely no parts with the Kalashnikov design - including the magazines. In DayZ, however, AKM magazines may be used with this weapon. This version the Sa-58V sports a folding para-trooper style stock, increasing mobility but decreasing the range to 200m.
By mR-braDley96 on 2013/05/21 at 9:32am

Its actually 7.62x39mm, like the AKM.

By MrKibblemuncher on 2013/10/08 at 10:09pm

@Sobaka the reason that it does less damage is because of the system it uses, it takes the pressurised gas that is created in the muzzle which is created by the bullet and sends it back through the tube on top of the gun. This takes some of the power away from it, or at least I think that's what happens :)

By Titan924 on 2013/02/11 at 5:41am

Found one at the NWAF, shot a few Zeds with it and what do you know, 3 mags later and still being chased by 8 zeds. Its an AKM with better sights and another ammo option, but still the same aggro and headache

By pohlforce on 2013/02/06 at 3:10am

I have just found one in NEA atc tower.Cool looking but i havnt tried it yet because of the new patch for every killed zed,2 will spawn immediatly.

By Sobaka on 2013/04/11 at 1:25pm

What is funny about these guns is that they shoot 7.62x51mm but only have the damage (4500) of a 5.56 AR such as the m4. All the other 7.62 (such as m24 or mk48) guns do 8000dmg. They should at least put the damage up to 6000pts.

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