This page contains information about the mod version of DayZ. Standalone information is available here.

Raw Meat

Raw meat is obtained from dead animals. To get some, the first step is to find an animal and kill it. Second, at the animal's corpse, select the "Gut Animal" option from the mouse wheel menu. A Hunting Knife is required to gut an animal.

Raw meat can be cooked to turn it into Cooked Meat at either a Fireplace or a lit barrel. To create a fireplace, a Box of Matches and Wood Pile is required, but it can be placed anywhere. A barrel can be lit without matches, but can only be found in certain locations.

Raw Meat amount from animals

  • Rabbit: 1 meat
  • Chicken: 1 meat
  • Goat: 3 meat
  • Boar: 4 meat
  • Sheep: 5 meat
  • Cow: 8 meat

There is currently a glitch to get more Raw Meat: if multiple players activate the "Gut Animal" option at the same time, the amount of Raw Meat will be multiplied by the number of players gutting the animal.

By KyleDOT on 2012/09/30 at 5:52pm

My plan is always to find a hatchet, knife, matches and a canteen. After you get those 4 items you can live in the wild for days on end


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