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The M9 SD is the silenced version of the M9. Due to its near silence, it's one of the best sidearms for killing zombies safely. As a downside, the only ammunition it can use is M9SD Mag., making it difficult to keep loaded.

Another issue with the weapon is its low damage. It takes five shots to kill a zombie without a head shot, so ammo is not only hard to find but easy to waste.

By Delonge on 2012/07/07 at 10:42am


I wouldn't call it very rare. Very rare are guns such as the FN FAL AN/PVS-4. Maybe a common rare.

By jokerzhe on 2012/09/02 at 10:32am

Best secondary when you're rolling with some high caliber stuff that is not silenced

By IceTalon on 2012/11/29 at 2:10am

If you have a excess of ammo and are a great shot this gun is good. My friend and I (2 snipers, so in ghillie) with NVGs cleared stary during the night with each of us with one of these. Because just sneak up behind a zombie, headshot, you can keep moving. But the rarity of ammo does make it a pain.

By DeZrEcTi0n on 2012/08/05 at 7:02pm

Great weapon my favorite. only downside is dmg but the quietness you can't beat

By MikeOMe on 2012/07/25 at 1:59am

Found this gun on a sniper at a crashed heli at the South airstrip. Really nice.

By Completionism on 2012/07/19 at 4:05am

I found one of these but left it where it was. If you're the kind of player like me who prefers to use your pistol while in the cities, the scarcity of ammo for this makes it undesirable. Same damage as the other 9mm sidearms (G17, M9, PDW), making headshots a must.

This pistol finds its best use in hunting other players where the total silence allows you to whittle down groups of survivors in the dark.

Edited by Completionism on 2012/07/19
By Delonge on 2012/07/09 at 2:45pm

Also to note, unless your accuracy is impeccable to others, this pistol maybe has an effective range of 20 meters or so.( [or less] Considering you want a headshot)

By Leto on 2013/01/17 at 1:15pm

I don't know if it's because of a game update, but I find magazines for the M9SD easily. They often spawn along regular M9 magazines.

By RageCake on 2012/12/02 at 7:06am

I found one in the DayZ gametime and handed it right over to my friend. I trusted my g17 or M1911 much more than this gun.

By awesomeman217 on 2012/11/22 at 4:34am

At the moment I'm rolling an M4 with a G17. I have the M9SD in my backpack because I don't have any ammo. In my opinion, this thing is too good, and too rare to simply pass up.

By Jng88Jng on 2012/08/03 at 4:44am

Can also be found in fire stations that's where I found mine.

By Vantage on 2012/07/24 at 11:16am

Very nice gun, just picked one up in Stary. Very quiet and excellent for quietly taking out squads of bandits. Ammo is not a problem if you frequent Deer Stands and Military areas as I do.

Id recommend it to everybody, damage is lacking but its silent nature is very desirable.

Edited by Vantage on 2012/07/24
By Serpent10i on 2012/07/08 at 4:07am

Great sidearm for poping zombies. Were it lacks in power and ammo commonality it makes up for in sound and concealment. You can 1 hit a zombies in the head from a meter away and not attract any attention. You can pop a player in the head, knock him out and his buddy will think they glitched out and be none the wiser... until it happens to him :P

By Vylent on 2012/07/07 at 2:44pm

Can be found quiet frequently in deer stands/ low value military tents. The suppressor is nice but the damage is still lacking. If i remember correctly from the last time i used it.... its a 3 shot zombie kill. I find this gun useful in very few situations.

The m1911 can run circles around this gun due to having a low audible range and the fact it kills with 1 shot. not to mention m1911 mags are everywhere. so ammo isnt an issue.

Edited by Vylent on 2012/07/07
By Lefik on 2013/03/02 at 4:46pm

I'm not sure what some people are talking about with the ammo being more plentiful. Me and my friend spent 4 hours looking for magazines today, only found 2.

By Ascender on 2013/02/21 at 2:45am

Ammo does indeed seem to have become a lot more plentiful for this gun to the point that i'm actually starting to load in spares. Difficult ironsights which don't seem to be accurate to where the bullet will go all the time it's still one of the most dependable SD weapons out there.

If you, like me, prefer having 2 main weapons focused on being able to defend yourself effectively in PvP which in my case is a DMR and an M14 AIM to cover the full range of well... ranges. The M9 SD makes a perfect secondary for those times you want to go somewhere and just go through a few zombies to make your entries and exits that much faster rather than having to rely on the zombie's pathing to slowly move away from where you want to go.

Like any gun it has a 1-shot capability when you hit them (zeds) in the head. In the chest i'm not sure anymore, i feel it's 4 shots for a standing zombie and 3 for a hopper or crawler, though i cannot as of yet confirm this. You want to go for headshots regardless in any situation because while the ammo is plentiful for an SD weapon, it's still quite rare compared to say Stanags, AKs or god forbid M1911/Revolver ammo.

Edited by Ascender on 2013/02/21
By jason0735 on 2012/12/16 at 1:18am

One of the best starting weapons.

By Gatortribe on 2012/08/05 at 3:16pm

Don't expect to kill players with this gun, unless you have time to aim for the head. The 889 damage would take 14 shots on a player with max blood. I've gone against it multiple times, and won every time.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:14am

1388 dmg/per hit


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