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M67 Frag Grenade

The M67 Frag Grenade is a small explosive object that will explode shortly after being thrown. Its main use is killing or injuring players, and is poorly suited to dealing with zombies. To equip the grenade, press the "F" key until "Grenade" is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. You can then throw it using the left-mouse button. Holding down the button will cause the grenade to be thrown further.

Other hand thrown grenades include Smoke Grenade, smoke-grenade-green, and smoke-grenade-red. The M16A2 M203 and M4A1 Holo have secondary M203 Grenade Launcher attachments capable of firing M203 HE, M203 Smoke, M203 Flare White, and M203 Flare Green.

An explosion that is less than 10 meters away will usually be fatal. At less than 20 meters, the grenade can break bones, cause bleeding, deafen and knock players unconscious. It is useful for greedy players that want to blow up vehicles they can't use or do not need.

Another variant of grenade is the RGO Anti-personnel timed hand grenade. These will detonate on contact with any surface, meaning great care must be taken and using them while inside a building is likely to result in death from either the explosion or the collapsing of the building. Aside from this, they are identical. 10 RGO grenades are found in newly-spawned UAZs, along with other fairly valuable loot. They cannot be found elsewhere.

Crafting recipes

Tripwire (Grenade)
By ShAtTeR-DrEaMz on 2012/09/04 at 11:39am

Make sure you hold down the the RMB or whatever your fire button is to throw it far enough. If you just change over to grenade and click RMB real quick, you will short throw the grenade and kill your self or partners. HOLD down RMB when throwing, to make sure you get it far away from your self. I don't advise throwing it indoors while your indoors with it also.

By Thaua on 2012/07/24 at 8:48am

Trow a smoke (tin can also may work), wait for zombies to fill around, trow a frag. Useful to clear out a lot of them from near heli crash sites, for example, to get the gear quickly and move away safely. Not recommended for getting into the hospital, as it will alert other players of your position.

By joed9988 on 2012/07/19 at 1:30pm

there is also a RGO Grenade in the game and a pipe bomb/satchel charge

Edited by joed9988 on 2012/07/20
By corporalbambi on 2015/01/19 at 12:54pm

Tried to kill a Shitty DMR sniper camping my base my friend peeked at a bad timing and the nade kiled him best weapon 10/10

By Juststaydead or juicy on 2012/10/10 at 9:30pm

I keep finding them but don't get a chance to use them.

By MorganAlmost on 2012/09/09 at 5:14am

Found a RGO Grenade in the Fire Station in Elektro. The server had fresh loot-spawns. The chances of it being dropped by a player there, at that particular moment, is low. Apparently, they spawn at military loot-spawns.


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