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M4A1 M203 RCO

By Intensityyyy on 2013/02/11 at 11:12pm

In my opinion, I prefer this over the any other assault rifle. Close range because of it being a carbine, long range because of the ACOG, and anti-vehicle because of the M203. It's like 3 guns in one!

By Parasprite on 2013/01/16 at 10:05am

Aside from cosmetic differences, the scope on this weapon functions identically to that of the different ACOG model featured by the M16. Compared to its Russian equivalent, the AK-107 PSO GL, this features the advantage of being able to use flares and smokes, along with a far superior grenade sight. However, the AK-107 matches the M4's damage when using SD magazines and the PSO scope is superior to the ACOG in the hands of someone who knows the values of the chevrons.

By Redrick on 2013/01/31 at 9:26am

Compared to the AK-74 and 107 rifles with PSO, this carbine-sized beauty has the advantage of reduced length and is therefore more suited for close combat. And that's where the drawback comes in - it has no ironsight which is a pain in the neck on servers with crosshair disabled. On the other hand however, it can use HK 36 (SD) mags which doubles the available ammo while AK-s can only be used with their own mags. Sidenote: the ideal weapon would be the M4A3 RCO GL, which offers a slightly different scope with the same range and M203 launcher but has ironsights as well. Unfortunately, maybe rMod servers are the only ones having that in the loot table.

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