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The M40A3 is the third bolt-action sniper rifle, and second military bolt-action sniper rifle, to be introduced in DayZ. It is the only bolt-action western sniper rifle to have a camouflage netting, perfect for ghillie snipers who prefer the western 10x "mil-dot" style scopes to that of the SVD's 4x "chevron" scope.

Performance-wise, it is identical to the M24; unlike the normal M24, however, it sports a ghillie camouflage netting, which makes it the perfect partner of a ghillie sniper and a stealth upgrade of sorts to the M24. Because its scope can be zeroed up to 800m, most players find this weapon easier to use than the SVD Camo, which is similarly decorated.

Like all western sniper rifles in DayZ, the M40A3 scope features MIL-DOTs (the dots found at steady intervals on the crosshair), which may be used to both make accurate shots on targets that are not at multiples of 100m and to shoot at farther than 800m. Each vertical mil-dot represents compensation for 50m. One critical flaw of the M40A3 is that, just like with the M24, its scope cannot be used in conjunction with NV Goggles, which severely hinders its nighttime usage.

Its ammo is also fairly common, as 1 DMR Mag. can be converted into 4 5Rnd. M24 clips. The rifle's bolt-action nature also forces accurate shot placement and ammo conservation, thus allowing the clips to last for longer.

The weapon's scope reticle can also serve as an improvised rangefinder to estimate the distance to the target.

At zoom level 2, a standing 1.8m target will be:

  • 1000m: 2.00 mil-dots
  • 900m: 2.22 mil-dots
  • 800m: 2.50 mil-dots
  • 700m: 2.86 mil-dots
  • 600m: 3.33 mil-dots
  • 500m: 4.00 mil-dots
  • 400m: 5.00 mil-dots
  • 300m: 6.67 mil-dots
  • 200m: 10.00 mil-dots

By Maxthe222 on 2013/10/16 at 3:53pm

The gun is the same as the M24, same ammo same type of scope, same damage. The thing is, ITS IS THE SAME GUN. They are all variants of the Remington Model 700. The M24 is the R700 with a military grade kit, and the M40 is a upgraded bolt among other things. The Cam aesthetic is what makes the gun so rare, because normally, you gun pokes out of the ground, but the '40A3 is next to invisible, which is why it's rarer that the M24. Bandits in Ghille suits go nuts over stuff like this and the SVD Camo. They are too efficient at killing stuff, and when you can't see whats shooting at you its a problem.

By MrKibblemuncher on 2013/10/08 at 10:32pm

@JonHurra this gun can be found in the NWAF barracks, I haven't found one at a choppa crash site. good gun but can be glitchy i've lost 2 from bugs.

By Greek Warfighter on 2013/02/16 at 9:23am

This sniper rifle trumps the Dragunov SVD Camo in my opinion, because it has zeroing up to 800m, making it much easier for people who are not experienced with rangefinding using the PSO-1 scope to snipe and because its ammo is a lot more common. Performace-wise it is essentially the same as an M24, but it has the ghillie camo on it, so double the awsomeness of the M24! Favourite sniper rifle!

Edited by Greek Warfighter on 2013/02/18
By Zackcb on 2013/12/09 at 10:19am

Each mildot on the m40a3 is 50m past the zeroed range.

Example: Zeroing 300m Mildot 1: 350 Mildot 2: 400 Mildot 3: 450 Mildot 4: 500

By Dayb on 2013/10/22 at 8:00am

My favourite gun.High DMG and good range+camo.So its better than a DMR.

By JonHurra on 2013/07/03 at 1:20pm

where could this be found? ive found every other rare gun except this

By greekben on 2013/05/03 at 8:45pm

Definitely my favourite sniper so far. Only downside is that it doesn't zoom in more. Was so happy when i found it!

By Sobaka on 2013/03/27 at 11:14pm

I'm thinking this gun and the Sa-58 CCO for my new loadout after the patch.

By dougan on 2013/01/13 at 11:58am

Feels pretty much identical to the M24 in my experience.

By Archvision on 2013/02/07 at 11:00am

The m40 is literally the same thing as the m24. Its pretty much a cosmetic variation of the m24. It having camo on the barrel makes it amazing for sniping, which should i be a given. They fixed the bugs with it allowing it to range properly. Overall this is a great sniper weapon and i would want this over my DMR during the day time while I am providing over watch or scouting for my team. TL:DR; M40= M24 with camo = awesome.


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