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The M24 is a 7.62x51mm bolt action rifle designed for soft targets.

Despite using the same ammunition and having the same stats of the DMR, this weapon is much more accurate, featuring a single zoom zero-able scope. It can hit targets dead-on at the center of the reticule with the right distance and zeroing. The scope can be adjusted with the Page Up and Page Down keys with the default mapping up to 800m in 100m increments, though it is possible to hit a target beyond that threshold using the mil-dots. It only has one level of zoom, but it's equivalent to the DMR's second level of zoom. As a downside, being a bolt action makes the fire rate suffer and the the low magazine capacity of this weapon makes the DMR the superior weapon due to its versatility.

The M24's magazine holds 5 rounds, and 4 5Rnd. M24 can be converted to one DMR Mag. and vice-versa, allowing larger quantities of ammo to be carried. In order to load the weapon you must have at least one 5Rnd. M24 ammo in your inventory.

The weapon's scope reticle can also serve as an improvised rangefinder to estimate the distance to the target.

At zoom level 2, a standing 1.8m target will be:

  • 1000m: 2.00 mil-dots
  • 900m: 2.22 mil-dots
  • 800m: 2.50 mil-dots
  • 700m: 2.86 mil-dots
  • 600m: 3.33 mil-dots
  • 500m: 4.00 mil-dots
  • 400m: 5.00 mil-dots
  • 300m: 6.67 mil-dots
  • 200m: 10.00 mil-dots
By STALKER on 2012/07/07 at 12:59pm

You can convert 1 DMR Magazine into 4 clips of ammo for the M24.

By SkipSkill on 2012/07/08 at 5:55am

My favorite Sniper Rifle

By bassking31 on 2013/01/01 at 2:51am

I love this gun, favorite sniper. It's not as loud as the two .50 cal rifles and it still does a really good amount of damage (one shot is a knock-out). It's also ridiculously accurate, so pulling off a headshot at long ranges is easy, if you have to take out a bandit. The ammo is common, but the gun itself is not, so when I find myself with one of these babies I do anything I can to not die.

By Wabit on 2012/08/06 at 12:06am

Being a lone wolf and a friendly player - I love this gun, love how the DMR clips covert so just having one M27 and 1 DMR is a blessing when carrying 2 primaries, I have saved many players from a distance from Zeds and them not evening knowing where I am - Many chances of head-shots on peeps but again I like to play the game as it was meant to be - Survival and not Free4All - Having the m4a3 cco and 9m sd makes my game-play work very well - Tree stands have all my ammo :)

By Noltz on 2012/07/23 at 12:03am

Probably one of the best snipers in DayZ. The audible range is far less then any of the .50 cal weapons and is also extremely accurate. Ammo is very common as a DMR mag can give you 20 rounds for the m24 once you convert the DMR mag.

By WobMinerJames on 2012/11/24 at 12:35pm

Fave sniper (ignoring AS50, it's really a class of its own!) Versatile in not sticking out like a sore thumb from a tree. Ammo can be attained by downgrading DMR mags (also can compact store ammo in DMR form) Shooting wise it's recoil is low-ish and you can judge how to correct yourself on the next shot. I prefer this to its DMR relative.

By Cballzman on 2012/08/09 at 12:56pm

The best thing about this gun is the conversion of DMR mags into 4 m24 mags. Very useful for carrying ammo, which is in turn plentiful.

By Jaco on 2012/08/07 at 10:28pm

Me and my freind found this gun at the firestation at electro and i love it i have 15 kills so far because i had over watch on my friend i LOVE THIS GUN more than an as50 or m107 x)

By Zapador on 2012/08/04 at 1:48am

Got my hands on one the other day, my first sniper experience in DayZ as I started playing just a few days ago. Went to do some shooting practice vs zombies at between 200 and 700 meters and it worked wonders. Was able to achieve 5 headshots in a row on 300-400 meters and I think that is pretty decent. So the gun is truly accurate and I LOVE IT!

Edited by Zapador on 2012/08/04
By -YLH-Tlomz on 2013/09/04 at 6:04pm

Extremely reliable gun. Due to the AS50 and M107 being removed this is arguably the best sniper in the game. I found it in the NWAF hangers.

By Redrick on 2013/01/31 at 9:41am

Aside the bonuses (accuracy, common ammo) the big drawback of this rifle is the long scope because it extremely narrows your situational awareness. Pretty good for stationary targets but if the target is moving you'll have a hard time tracking it. This is the ideal weapon of a sniper team where a spotter can keep an eye on what's happening.

By V3nd3tt4 on 2013/03/27 at 6:39am

The M24 is one of my Favorite Snipers ( DMR For the Win) The As50 is too Over Powered! i Play with it 2 Times it's too easy to kill People Its an 1 hit Wep

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:31am

7999 dmg/per hit


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