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M203 HE

The M203 HE is a 40mm cartridge fitted with a high explosive charge. It is meant to be used in the M203 underbarrel grenade launcher, which is available on the M4A1 Holo and M16A2 M203. The charge arms itself shortly after launch, preventing accidental suicides due to misfiring at close range. It explodes on impact and will kill anyone in a 5m radius and cause minor damage within 10m of the blast.

By ShAtTeR-DrEaMz on 2012/09/04 at 4:44pm

If you have a HE round aim the Leaf sights to appropriate range of target and fire. A 203 HE round will not detonate if its fired under 25 meters or so...So be safe and give it 30 meters+ and you should be fine.

Edited by ShAtTeR-DrEaMz on 2012/09/04
By Lefik on 2013/02/15 at 6:25pm

I'm not sure what is scarier in DayZ. Rapid fire machine gun in your direction, or a bunch of these things going towards you.

By Molliturpa on 2013/03/18 at 1:19pm

It's a good idea to practice the use of these accompanied with regular grenades in level editor or other SP-missions. These are hard to use without harming yourself but offer huge advantages during fights, especially when the enemy/enemies have been pushed into single building.

Few well placed HE-grenades can end the fight with minor to none casualties of your own!

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