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The M16A4 ACOG is an M16 variant equipped with an ACOG scope for medium range engagements. It is quite rare compared to the other M16 rifles because it can be found only in the barracks at the northwest airfield, a place highly trafficked by hostile players.

The M16A4 ACOG is best at engaging targets at ranges of 0 to 400 meters. Rapidly firing in burst-fire mode makes it indistinguishable from a full-auto weapon for CQC, and the scope provides accurate shots at ranges up to 600m. One thing is key to using this rifle effectively when sniping - aim for the head. This rifle can get consistent head-shots at ranges <500m. This weapon isn't as good at CQC as an AKM, and it isn't as good at sniping as a DMR, but if you play with a one-weapon loadout, the M16A4 ACOG is likely the best all-around option in DayZ.

As with any other weapon in DayZ, using an SD magazine makes the weapon virtually silent to zombies. Bear in mind, however, that the actual sound that players hear is still just as loud as with a normal magazine. Also, the SD magazines change the default zeroing in an un-suppressed weapon to 1000m, meaning to get a headshot at 100m, you will have to aim for the waist.

When zoomed, these are the ranges:

Center Line: 0-100m

1st Line: 200m

2nd Line: 300m

3rd Line: 400m

4th Line: 500m

Final Line: 600m

By Obsolescence on 2012/08/21 at 5:36pm

When zoomed, these are the ranges:

Center Line: 0-100m 1st Line: 200m 2nd Line: 300m 3rd Line: 400m 4th Line: 500m Final Line: 600m

By Awsea on 2012/08/06 at 9:48am

usable with NVG's

Edited by Awsea on 2012/08/06
By theR3 on 2012/07/22 at 6:58am

Please note that while the model of this weapon has a flashlight attachment and some websites also list it in the specification I was unable to use it by pressing the "L" key (default bind) during night time. Nor is it a laser sight attachment as I tried it with nightvision goggles as well..

By Maxthe222 on 2013/05/27 at 5:32pm

Works great for mid to long range counter sniping

Edited by Maxthe222 on 2016/09/17
By [unknown] on 2012/10/30 at 7:55pm

My favorite weapon in the game. The only time I will switch out from using this is only if I have a bag large enough to carry a second weapon and that weapon is the M4A1 CCO SD, and then that is only for city looting. If I have to drop a weapon, that CCO will have to find a new owner. SD rounds are already hard enough to find.

As to why I advocate this weapon is that I am a marksman type player. I don't snipe as those weapons are not all to effective in a city due to their long sound range. This weapon can us SD rounds. Also, if you do stumble upon another player and they are friendly, they wont shoot you on site because of you holding a sniper rifle. They think of this weapon as a M16A2 and give you the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I am a friendly but that is beside the point. This weapon is a Sniper rifle lite.

If I am playing solo, and am out in the woods coming up on a deer stand, I'll look down my scope and head shot zombies from 200 meters out on average then run to the stand check it out, climb down and be on my way before the zombies spawn again, oh and check the already dead zombi bodies for some beans or a coke. Then once I get into a city, if I have SD rounds and I'm on a server with sites on screen I don't even use the scope as that does have the down side of loosing site of the rest of the battle field. It had a good refire rate.

If I am playing with my friends, I get designated as over watch. This is what I like most any ways. I post my self out just far enough to keep zombies from hearing the weapon and agroing on me, but still being able to watch my friends as they go in and raid. If they ago a zombie, I take the shot and pick it off so they don't have to worry about agroing the whole vicinity they are in. This weapon is crazy accurate.

As a side note, I hate Server Jumpers. I like to guard the northwest air field on my server. I am normally just about 650 to 700 meters away from the Fire station and tower. This is out of range of the ACOG, But sounds of the bullets whizzing by and impacting on the building is enough for most hoppers to log right out. Remember I am friendly, unless I have to defend my self. If you are thinking "Not every one logs out" This is correct. I am really really really good with this rifle. So those few players who have started to hunt me down have succumbed to easy head shots. How do I know what range they are at for effective fire?

Each Line under the center line is an additional 100 meters from your location. The width of the line also is an indicator to the range of your target. Which ever line is the same width as the shoulders of your target, is the range that they are away from you. That is the one you use to shoot with. No range finding, no guessing, easy head shot.

By tdk on 2012/10/05 at 3:21am

The "flash light" on the side of the weapon is either a PAQ 4, or a PEQ-2. I haven't looked at it close enough to tell the make, but it is one of these two. These are IR aimers(PAQ-4, PEQ-2)/illuminators(PEQ-2). You will only see this with NVGs.

By Dude on 2012/09/17 at 11:21am

Remember, when you using it with SD ammo, effective range is much shorter and much lower damage! Is nice to kill zombies with SD ammo, but aiming confusing a litter for range over 100m.

By Obsolescence on 2012/09/03 at 6:29pm

I added some information about the ACOG to the page and also changed the effective range from 800m to 600m. I don't know where someone got the idea that this weapon has an 800m effective range when the cross-lines on the scope end at 600m.

By Kresslak on 2013/09/15 at 8:13pm

Just found one of these last night, was seriously surprised with the ACOG range and would only drop this for a Machine Gun.

PRO's 600m Range Prolific STANAG ammo Long range scope Dual-role, Sniper / CQB in one

CON's No Full-Auto No GLA

'Looking forward to testing out the Laser with NVGs'

By catov123 on 2013/02/27 at 2:43pm

Is it just me or have all M16/M4 variates sound range increased for zombies.

By Austro on 2012/07/08 at 2:35pm

Amazing weapon! I have used this for two days and it acts like an assault rifle and a sniper! The scope cross hairs are perfect and the zoom is pretty good as well!


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