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The L85A2 SUSAT is a rare weapon found only at heli crash sites. It is effectively an M16A4 ACOG with the ability to switch to iron sights and the ability to zero the scope. The scope has the ability to zero from 100m to 800m, with the iron sights locked at 300m.

By V2Danny on 2013/03/04 at 7:59pm

@Lefik, its basicly special looking ACOG scope. It has the same function of the G36A and the Sa58V RCO where it has both a long range scope, and short distance ironsights/red-dot sight. These can be switched with / button on your numpad. Also this is the only acog scopes weapon which can be zero├'┬┤ed.

By BDUDE360 on 2013/06/12 at 11:17pm

this is the best all around gun in the game hands down... other than trying to find it

By VideoGames on 2013/04/03 at 5:04am

This weapon is pretty good. The SUSAT scope is a bit easier to use than the M16's ACOG scope due to its ability to zoom. The reticle is green, which may cause issues with NVGs (assuming you can use NVGs with the ACOG scope). I noticed no problems with accuracy at 200-300m.

One really great feature of this weapon is the ability to switch to the iron sights on top of the scope; this alone places the L85A6 SUSAT above the M16 ACOG in my opinion. They feel odd, but they don't obscure as much near the target as the AK sights do. I can't comment on how effective they are, as I have not had a chance to use them.

The power of this weapon feels slightly under par compared to other weapons that fire 5.56 NATO, but landing multiple shots in center mass will still drop someone, and you won't have to worry about ammunition supplies since stanag mags pop up everywhere.

I would highly recommend this gun as a general go-to weapon, especially if you only have room for one primary.

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By AlexFay1999 on 2013/08/11 at 9:49am

I think this is banned now on normal DayZ although custom loot tables can spawn them.

By MAJ-Dick on 2013/04/22 at 8:03am

The ACOG sight does NOT work with NVGs. You can use the iron-sights with NVGs. Switch between ACOG and iron-sights with the "/" key on NUMPAD. Change ACOG zero range with PGUP/PGDN.

By rajunrick on 2013/04/03 at 3:50am

Found mine at a crashsite. Scope is nice, but creates a blind spot to your sides. The iron sights are similar to the MP5 iron sights making them difficult to get headshots with. When using SD mags you have to aim at the chest or lower depending on distance for headshots. Despite the negatives I do enjoy using it because of the dual sight options, irons for close and scope for 200 - 300m. Have not tried to zero it over 300m, so I cannot tell you what the accuracy would be.

By Lefik on 2013/03/02 at 4:43pm

Haven't seen this gun around yet. Would be interested if someone with experience using this gun in dayz could give me some details.

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