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The L85A2 AWS is an assault rifle with a scope with integrated thermal and night vision. With its thermal and night vision scope, it is commonly used by spotters for snipers. Players are able to swap between the two scopes with the 'N' button.

Despite being able to be zeroed up to 800m, the L85A2 AWS lacks accuracy and firepower to take down targets at ranges farther than 400m. It also features two zoom levels, accessible via the + and - keys with the default mapping. There's also a laser designator accessible via the "L" key which can only be seen by players using a night vision device. This makes the weapon useful for assigning targets for a squad, however, if your target is also using NV Goggles, the laser will give away your position. This laser has also been known to cause the night vision scope of the L85A2 AWS to darken due to the intensity of the light.

As of the update, the L85A2 AWS can no longer be found in Chernarus. In previous versions, it could only be found at helicopter crash sites. It is not advisable to engage a player with a sniper rifle at range, since accuracy is a problem with this rifle.

By [unknown] on 2012/08/16 at 6:24am

This is such a great scouting/ spotter gun. The reason is that this weapons spread is very bad and this isn't the most accurate gun, I've tried to kill zombies from 300m away with headshots but with no luck so it is only good to about 100-200m. Don't forget this is just my opinion and i don't want to affend anyone

By Renoh on 2012/07/09 at 5:22am

The L85A2 AWS is a very good spotter and scouting gun due to its thermal scope. When I had this gun, I would always ID players much faster than the 3 other guys I was playing with. Interesting fact: If you have NVGs equipped and you scope in and press "N" to activate the thermal scope, the night vision toggles also and the normal orange on black thermal changes to a white on gray thermal.

By Player2_DZ on 2012/07/05 at 4:47pm

Nightvision needs to be added to the 'Extras' section, and so does the fact that this gun has an optical zoom, which means that you can toggle the zoom distance. The firing range (not audible) of the gun would also be useful.

By mR-braDley96 on 2012/10/17 at 9:47am

This weapon should be much more accurate. The M16A4 ACOG has a better effective range than this rifle and this one is more accurate in real life. For me, thats the major downside to this rifle. I use this weapon, its brilliant for spotting ghillies in the treeline so i can pull out my AS50 and kill them :P

By Ganthor on 2012/08/07 at 12:29pm

Just found it in

By Thaua on 2012/07/23 at 3:14am

Be carefull, the laser will black out your vision if you're on the weapon's night sight. To fix it you either switch off the laser quickly (recommended, since it makes for less chance to be located) or if it already blacked out, leave the sights and recover your FoV.

By NickName3 on 2012/07/17 at 1:07am Just found the weapon in helicopter crash

By Wo3dy on 2012/07/06 at 6:25am

This gun with Stanag SD rounds, is one of the ultimate weapons in this game. downside is that you cant use the scope well like when you are in a supermarket, and you ned to shoot thru the windows, as thermal cant see thru the windows.

Edited by Wo3dy on 2012/07/06
By pwncaiks on 2013/04/23 at 12:21pm

Best gun in the game,shame its no longer here.I was a guard for our clans camp,I personaly took out about 3 guys and a ural in a life with this.

By malau on 2013/01/26 at 10:32pm

Found on Taviana (.com) on Dayz.ST servers.

By Karmaterror on 2012/12/28 at 11:43am

I don't quite get how ppl are saying this gun isnt accurate....headshots are no problem for me with it. As for range i hit a guy from 700m who was on top of a chimney in cherno and did damage.....thats a good effective range to me :) and btw using stanag sd mags in a none sd gun dosent negate the just messes up accuracy. Thats my 2 cents anyways :), uploaded a shot of the rifle working at 719m :)

Edited by Karmaterror on 2012/12/28
By Spirel on 2012/10/30 at 3:04pm

Works great at night as a team with a DMR Use the thermal to find a target, hit L and laser the bastard, then get your buddy to stick NVGs on, and open fire. This also works with other snipers, although not being able to use NVGs while scoped does make it more difficult. Also, accuracy is not needed that much when you have full auto. More bullets = more hits XD

By Deathknight117 on 2012/10/07 at 5:48pm

I use this and a Mk 48 Mod 0 and i know for a fact that i can get a head shot at 750m with the thermal and fully zero'd. It is a little hard but when you learn how to use this weapon it can be used as a sniper rifle.

By pederf-h on 2012/10/01 at 2:49pm

Just found this in the fire station at the airport. A player might have dropped it in the tower, but that seems a bit doubtfull as I was the only one at the server at that time.

By Juststaydead or juicy on 2012/10/01 at 12:49am

Found one while playing a utes server. how long do you think I'll keep it for?

By Frozenbyte on 2012/09/29 at 9:28pm

Only way to carry this with you is because of the Thermal Vision! Best setup is 2 Man Squad, one Sniper, one Spotter. If enemy engages you the L85A2 can still fire some suppressing Rounds the Ammo is very Common.

By Mouse on 2012/09/06 at 8:48am

I'm not sure, but this rifle may factor in the fact that as the bullet travels to the range where the sights are zeroed, it's actually above your sight line (real life physics for the win!). That's the only explanation I could come up with for the occasional inaccuracy. On the flip side, this only has a zoom scope and uses night vision or thermal, making it either a medium (200-300m) range weapon or more accurately a survivor hunter because of the almost 1km range thermal vision. But this comes at the expense of an IR beam that follows your sight path, only visible with night-vision. You can't see it, but everyone else can. Be warned.

By Obsolescence on 2012/09/03 at 6:36pm

There is no better 30Rnd. STANAG gun than this one for hitting targets at range except the M16A4 ACOG, and even compared to the ACOG I'd take this gun because it can save your ass from Ghillie snipers and other undesirables.

People complaining about the gun's accuracy are moronic. Don't let them dissuade you! This isn't a sniper rifle, or a AS50 TWS. This gun acts just like any M4 except that it provides you with a multilevel sniper-grade scope with nightvision and thermal.

If you bypass this gun to keep your CCO A1 or A3 you are unworthy of its power.

By jokerzhe on 2012/09/02 at 10:36am

when you're a top notch roller with camps all over your own server, this gun is a must, so unfair when someone else has a AS50 sniping next to you and a M4A1 sd covering us. Unbeatable.

By mukaluk on 2012/09/02 at 4:38am

I found one these along with an as50. I had to hide for a long wile because a group of two people came through an droped them. I take note that they do not spawn in te barraks only at heli crashes. it took some time to find ammo because the gun had no ammo luckly it took m 16 mags.

By Shadowsgleam on 2012/08/19 at 9:56am

I can say with 100% certainty as I've tested it on friends that this gun is capable of making 600+ meter shots if it's zeroed in. I've only tested up to 650 meters but I could hit my friends on the first shot when zeroed into 600 and aiming a little above the foot. I wouldn't be surprised if it could make an 800 meter shot if zeroed properly the only thing is the bullet takes a while to travel.

By FTR on 2012/08/18 at 2:00am

I am using this gun + tested it long enough to say something about it.

This gun has quite good accuracy, ofc. it's not an sniper rifle, but it's effective on up to 500 meters. But only 300 meters if you want headshot. On 500 meters it's quite easy to shot the body, if you zeroed this weapon properly. This weapon can't hit target on more than 600 meters, it's almost impossible, you will miss most of the shots. On 800 meters accuracy goes down to 0%. But still, on 500 meters it's 100% accurate. Just remember to use 2nd level of zoom and aim for body, not head. The biggest problem with this weapon it's zoom itself. Your FORCED to use thermal/nightvision plus zoom makes this weapon deadly to use on range lower than 100 meters, deadly for user. Aiming is just too hard because this gun has far bigger zoom than SVD for example.. So the possible range for this toy it's 100-500 meters and it's great weapon then. It's also most ultimate weapon because it can use Stanag SD mags. which won't attract any zombies during PvP. Only enemy will attract them. :)

By kadulu on 2012/08/09 at 10:42am

I think it is my favorite weapon in the game. Very good for seeing any ennemy in a perimeter, it also facilitates the scouting for helicopter crash sites and the taking of important points. Plus it is relatively precise and the ammunitions are very common!

By DieHappy on 2012/07/25 at 1:54pm

does this weapon (and others) shoot differently when using SD rounds compared to normal rounds ? different trajectory , damage, sound ?

Edited by DieHappy on 2012/07/25
By jackshile on 2012/07/23 at 10:56am

i found one 4 days ago and was amazing, but it dissappeared from my hands yesterday when i lost connection with server, great that it uses 5.56 stanag/SD mags so if you want you can combine it with m4 and don't need to cary several ammo types, not very acurate with sd ammo but best weapon for hunting animals at night and you can easy find dead bodies on termal :P (if you hit running rabbit of course :P)

By Cali on 2012/07/23 at 4:09am

Picked one up last night at a chopper crash guess they are back.

By Cai on 2012/07/21 at 6:33am

found one on heli crash

By Max on 2012/07/15 at 12:09pm

I was watching Oshi7 use this only last night so I doubt this has been removed.

Insane weapon! Cheers for the info lopan, if I get one I'll make sure I un-equip all my gear first maybe.

By drachen on 2012/07/13 at 9:21pm

I just got this in at a crash site, still works

By Wo3dy on 2012/07/06 at 6:52pm

This gun Also has a laser for nighttime, ONLY seeable with nightvision.

By BDUDE360 on 2013/04/06 at 5:47am

Who ever said that this in real-life is more accreate then the m16a4 is retarted

By killerdude765 on 2013/01/14 at 2:21pm

Only found on Namalsk nowadays.

Edited by killerdude765 on 2013/01/14
By wiLLzo7 on 2012/09/08 at 10:43am

Once found one and I picked it up but server lagged out and I lost it :(

By ThomasCaser on 2012/09/01 at 5:12am

A friendly piece of advice: If you're on your own or in a small group; do NOT feel possessed to pick this up. Its' scope is useless at anything less than 300 meters and you'd be better off with something else that uses STANAG in most cases. It's only useful in coordinated groups.

Edited by ThomasCaser on 2012/09/01
By wobix on 2012/08/17 at 2:15am

me and a friend was looting a small industriel building outside of elektro, then we saw 2 players i shot down one and friend other i went to check my kill (guy in ghillie suit) and i found the l85a2 AWS (awesome gun for looting big citys) and found nvg range finder etc think he was a hacker but i took all the awesome stuff and left with my mate, still using it to spot for players as the thermal vision is seeable up to 1km away !

By jayp on 2012/08/08 at 6:33am

In relation to SD mags: I notice that at range the accuracy is lower using SD's, but if you get lucky and find nothing but SD's for it you can get used to it easily enough.

Like some other guns that use both SD and non-SD mags, zombies don't hear it but players do.

Edit: also, not 100% sure how I did this but I got the thermal to go from the red/white style to grey/white one. I BELIEVE I did it by having my NV goggles on, scoping in, and switching to thermal.

Edited by jayp on 2012/08/08
By xQlusive on 2012/08/05 at 6:17am

best scouting weapon in the game, rly awesome if you are in a group with snipers that use NV googles, just use the laserpointer and show your mates the position of enemies.

Though it is a glorified pair of binoculars, since any assault rifle will be easier to handle and faster on a target. So if you play in a group and want to hunt other players / bandits that use gillie suits and what not, this is an awesome weapon, if you play alone it kind of sucks. I shoot a lot of zombies in 3rd person simply because zeroing + looking through the scope takes too long

By theR3 on 2012/07/22 at 6:13am

Worth noting is that this weapon can only bsie used with nightvion OR thermal (default key "N" to switch between them) and not without at least one of those (NO bare scope). Also, as mentioned here already - while in nightvision mode you can turn on the Laser sight (default key "L") which points exactly to the center of the scope.

By LukasForeals on 2012/07/19 at 3:53am

Can confirm, this is back in, my group found 2 tonight, on dead player bodies that i caused with a lee enfield...just proves, thermal isn't everything

By DownNorUp on 2012/08/13 at 5:25am

You can spot hackers with the thermal, me and 2 friends were running then 2 people on a motorcycle popped out of nowhere, my friend didnt see him i switched to thermal and i shot him, but no'one else saw it.


By lopan on 2012/07/12 at 7:03am

Found one last night post patch at a chopper sight , you could mouse over see it in scroll menu, but when i opened gear menu it was listed in the loot table ,but with no icon to support it. I then tried to pick it up, I DCed and lost my toon , started me fresh on the beach w/ no gear,...DO NOT attempt to pick these up post patch, same w/ G-suits and camo clothes, seem to wipe your MH OH , bag gear, found out the hard way with that bug as well, equiped a camo suit and lost all my gear, minus my tool belt gear.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:25am

3555 dmg/per hit


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