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The KSVK is a Russian 12.7x108mm bolt-action anti-material rifle designed in 1997, used for taking out infantry and lightly-armoured vehicles. If not a legal weapon on the server you are playing on, it might restrict the use of a backpack.
By Randodom on 2013/01/12 at 3:06am


Center: 200m -1 Arrow: 300m -2 Arrow: 550m -3 Arrow: 800m -4 Arrow: 1100m

By dima on 2013/01/20 at 2:50am

It will not remove your backpack if its alegal weapon on the server

By Randodom on 2013/06/21 at 8:38am

I dont understand why it still says effective range 800m... Its 1100m as I already commented before, if you dont believe it go and test it youself. *Seems that some one has changed it to 1100m now :)

I personally am a fan of the KSVK even tho it has 100m less effective range than the M107 and no mildots for shooting past the 1100m and 5 rounds per mag... Its still my favourite, dont have to mess with zeroing and it has a rangefinder :)

Edited by Randodom on 2013/06/21
By stuv101 on 2013/02/03 at 8:34am

I find this weapon inferior to most snipers for two reasons: 1.)This weapon only has a maximum effective range of 800 meters. With the amount of range and damage It does, the weapon is weaker against the M107 and AS50 because of their maximum effective ranges. 2.) The weapon's rarity of ammunition. This weapon will only accept 5 round KSVK mags, which spawn very rarely.

By SniperOfBalota on 2014/03/12 at 7:02pm

Maxthe222 on almost every single server i have played on the m107 and the as50 are illegal or removed. The KSVK is legal on quite a lot of servers so its a useful alternative if you can find the ammo.

By SniperOfBalota on 2014/03/10 at 7:24pm

this isnt unique to Namalsk. I found one in a firestation at the Balota airfield with one mag.

By Sepehr-R on 2013/06/23 at 7:23pm

This is a Russian anti-materiel rifle, developed in the 90's for taking down personnel and lightly armoured vehicles.

By BDUDE360 on 2013/06/12 at 11:11pm

@ Boscar-the-BA no this weapon does not work with night vision goggles..., but this weapon isnt very good. i only have used this sniper for ambushes just because the gun isnt that good but it is a one shot kill... so would never pick this up if i have any thing of a m24

By Maxthe222 on 2013/06/11 at 10:00pm

I don't know why people rated stuv101 down, he is completely right. No one would use the AS50 if it only took 5 round 12.7mm. This is an inefficient gun. Sure, you can blow up one or two vehicles with it, but it's huge, you can't Ghille snipe with it, it's obtuse, and the range is horrible. This is a sniper rifle, so it should be able to do that efficiently. The Barrett M107 still does 1 hits worth of damage, and has a much better range, which is 50% percent more than the KSVK. Barrett ammunition is annoying because it's so common, because it sits in your tent and does nothing other than make you want to find a Barrett. There are just o many better options to take other than this, because 5 rounds every now and then aren't going to cut it.

By Boscar-the-BA on 2013/01/24 at 9:02am

Does this work with NV goggles?

By Randodom on 2013/02/07 at 2:44am

Effective range is 1100m


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