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The Hatchet is a melee weapon that is very useful for silently killing zombies. Unlike the Crowbar, it can kill zombies with a single hit, making it a much more useful weapon. It can also be used to harvest Wood Pile for making campfires.

While in a forest and standing next to a tree, you can harvest wood by right clicking on the hatchet. To do so, press the default key "G" to bring up your inventory, right-click on the hatchet and choose "Harvest Wood". This won't work outside of forest areas, so if the option isn't coming up, try going deeper into a wooded area. Forests are indicated on the Map as green areas.

Hatchets, Crowbars, and Flashlights are unique in that they can be carried as either tools or in a weapon slot. Crowbars and hatchets occupy the primary weapon slot, while Flashlights use the sidearm slot.

Currently, when using the Hatchet or Crowbar, the player must reload before it can be used to attack. This is a bug that should be fixed in the future. Despite needing to reload it initially, it will never run out of ammunition.

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 11:32pm

Unknown player - "Why isn't my axe working?" Me - "You have to reload it first. Don't worry though, it makes all the sense in the world."

By Komus on 2012/07/06 at 8:14am

To equip: Move hatchet onto toolbelt Right click hatchet on toolbelt and select "Remove from toolbelt"

You will need to drop your primary weapon to equip a hatchet. You may need to reload this weapon the first time you use it.

Edited by Komus on 2012/07/14
By LivingPixel on 2013/02/22 at 7:01am

Cover me, gotta reload!

By Eli23 on 2012/10/14 at 4:52am

Best Weapon in the game.

By IonPixel on 2012/07/18 at 10:07am

Here's Johnny!

By Lefik on 2013/02/15 at 6:34pm

I've recently started seeing players running through NWAF carrying these. Makes sense on paper: No noise, no leftover aggros, = less players hunting you.

But in reality, if you do run into a player at NWAF, it's a one sided battle, and you certainly won't be winning.

By PvtPirate on 2013/01/10 at 4:27am

that so much reminded me of scary movie 3 where they reload the spades and shotgun shells got ejected :D still the absolute must-have-weapon: silent, infinite ammo and easy to get.

By msdosman2004 on 2012/07/25 at 11:13am

Aim for legs on players & zombies, you'll cripple/knock them out with one hit usually.

By Atlas444 on 2012/07/23 at 6:49pm

REMEMBER: If you have the hatchet equipped as your primary weapon, be sure to right click and return it to your tool-belt before picking up another primary weapon. Otherwise, you will drop the hatchet and have to pick it up again. might not notice that you dropped it and find that you no longer have a hatchet, which sucks.

By thiagoxxxx on 2013/01/04 at 8:12am

reloading one hatchet is AMAZING!

By Leto on 2012/11/19 at 9:31am

This is the best weapon for killing zombies. It's silent, it kills with one hit and you don't have to worry about ammunition. Avoid swinging it randomly in front of you when zombies approach. The trick is to wait for the green reticle to stabilize on the target before clicking. The actual range of the hatchet is much longer than what the in game graphics shows.

Unfortunately, once you pick up a primary firearm, using the hatchet require annoying inventory management. If only the mod allowed you to use the hatchet as a sidearm...

Edited by Leto on 2012/11/21
By JJ-Merc on 2012/09/09 at 8:12pm

Incredibly effective. Until you get a good gun, it will keep you alive.

By vlinkeneye on 2012/08/13 at 8:14am

As a side note there was an addition to the hatchet. The one with a silver (iron) head is a one hit kill to players. I do not known the full dmg specs though.

By AceXprt on 2012/08/07 at 2:19pm

my FAV weapon... you cant go wrong with this!! silent kills! i usually only kill zombies with this and use guns on players..

By BadBurrito10 on 2012/08/06 at 6:20am

@msdosman2004 I aim just to hit a zombie as any hatchet hit instantly kills, but players I go for legs and body hits. DO NOT hit zombies in the legs unless there is only 1 or 2. Trying to hit zombies with the hatchet is sometimes hard enough, therefore do not risk getting downed by trying to aim specifically on zombies. BTW, I always vision myself as a lumberjack swinging my axe at ugly, moving trees. :D

By Tmx on 2012/07/31 at 9:57am

NOTICE: there used to be and probably still is one annoying Hatchet bug. If you have it equiped as your primary weapon and you switch servers sometimes the Hatchet will be out of ammo. But pressing reload won't help because top side will show that ammo is on 0 and that's it. The way to fix this was to remove it from your primary weapon slot and then put it back in. After this action press reload and it should work.

By theAKspecialist on 2013/03/24 at 11:32am

still prefer it to the double barrel shotgun by 50 times


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