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G36K (camo)

This gun is ultra rare and only spawns in the NWAF barracks from what information is provided. Sharing the same stats as other 5.56 weapons, the G36K (camo) has can use both the G36 Mag. and 30Rnd. STANAG/SD making ammunition plentiful. The G36K (camo) is extremely useful for any situation for it has Single Fire, Burst, and Full auto. It also has a scope for precise accuracy and long range attacks. The woodland camo is nice if you have a ghillie suit.
By MAJ-Dick on 2013/02/23 at 2:11am

Good explanation of the sight here:

Use "/" key on NUM PAD to switch between scope and red-dot sight.

Range estimation lines based on height of a man at 200, 400, 600, 800 meters.

Use top crosshair for 200m (or less), use bottom of circle on top crosshair for 400m, use middle crosshair for 600m, use bottom crosshair for 800m.

Note - I tested at 200m with both normal and SD ammo. Normal ammo - top crosshair is good at 200m, as above. For SD ammo I used the middle crosshair (400m aim point) to get hits at 200m.

The scope part of this sight does NOT work with NVGs. The red-dot CCO part of this sight DOES work with NVGs.

By VideoGames on 2013/04/19 at 9:15am

This weapon is also found at heli crashes.

By derpn8r on 2013/02/19 at 1:52am

i just found one! i looted it from a downed heli site on hive server. i did not really know how special it was it i read about it here. /)'o'(\

Edited by derpn8r on 2013/02/19


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