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G36A (camo)

By MAJ-Dick on 2013/02/19 at 10:59am

Good explanation of the sight here:

Use "/" key on NUM PAD to switch between scope and red-dot sight.

Range estimation lines based on height of a man at 200, 400, 600, 800 meters.

Use top crosshair for 200m (or less), use bottom of circle on top crosshair for 400m, use middle crosshair for 600m, use bottom crosshair for 800m.

Note - I tested at 200m with both normal and SD ammo. Normal ammo - top crosshair is good at 200m, as above. For SD ammo I used the middle crosshair (400m aim point) to get hits at 200m.

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By MAJ-Dick on 2013/02/19 at 11:21am

The scope part of this sight does NOT work with NVGs. The red-dot CCO part of this sight DOES work with NVGs.

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By stuv101 on 2013/02/03 at 8:21am

This weapon is best used with the Camo Clothing, as it helps break up your character's figure to hostels. Not only that, this weapon can touch enemies as far as 800 meters, making it a very useful tool for a rifleman. However, I strongly recommend leaving the weapon on semiauto.

By MrKibblemuncher on 2013/10/08 at 5:06pm

the only thing I don't like about this weapon is the low damage otherwise this is my favourite gun, luckily I have 3 back at my base :3 STANAG and STANAG SD work in this so its pretty cool. I find the red dot aims to low with the SD mags.

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By StealthAssassin on 2013/05/26 at 9:04am

Just founded one, but optics are strange

By ConnorKO on 2013/02/23 at 3:08am

The Best gun in the game in my opinion! the scope and red dot sight makes it amazing in any scenario!


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