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The G17 is a semi-automatic pistol with one of the quietest non-silenced audible ranges of all Sidearms. The G17 Mag. features 17 rounds, second to only the PDW in terms of capacity for sidearms.

Although slightly weaker than the M1911, its much larger magazine size makes it one of the best sidearms for raiding cities and small towns. It also features a built in flashlight, making it useful for nighttime raids and fighting.

G17s can be found in deer stands and military spawns. The G17 shares the same ammunition as the standard M9 and the suppressed M9 SD variant, making it extremely versatile throughout Chernarus.

By AbsolutZero on 2012/08/18 at 10:07am

Since the updates, the Revolver and 1911 (both sharing .45 ACP) have had their power significantly reduced. The Glock and its' 9mm cartridge seem unaffected, however. In my experience, it can take 3, and in rare cases 4 shots to the body to bring a zombie down with a 1911. The revolver is usually 2, sometimes 3. Bear in mind that the statistics may not reflect this, I am simply stating what I have seen in game. Take the following into account: The 1911 holds 7 rounds a mag, the Revolver holds 6. With a little thought, we can see that you can kill 1-2 zombies per reload with the 1911 or Revolver.

The G17 is 90%+ effective with 4 shots to center mass on a zombie, and holds 17 rounds in a magazine. It can also be used with the M9 Beretta magazines, 9mm cartridge being used in both pistols.

ASSUMING body shots only, this presents a problem. The 1911 and Revolver kill 2 zombies a reload, but the G17 can kill 4 a reload. Advantage, Glock.

Headshots: no discussion needed. Any headshot from any pistol will bring down a zed. So, let's do the math for headshots. 6 kills/reload using a Revolver, 7 kills/reload using a 1911, and 17 kills/reload using a G17.

Other bonuses: Refire rate. Revolver: Slow, 1911: Moderate, G17, pretty darn quick.

Flashlight: Revolver: none, 1911, none, G17: Yep

Sights: Revolver: great, 1911: Oh my God what did you do to my 1911 sights, they..., G17: Perfect, with night sights, to boot!

Ammunition: .45ACP, Almost everywhere, 9mm, uncommon - rare. *This is the BIGGEST disadvantage

In my experience, with the recent changes to pistols, the G17 is the gold standard, replacing my 1911 which I have used since the start of the game. It's a shame, too - because the patch changes do not in any way whatsoever reflect the actual effectiveness of the two different cartridges. Just like the 12,7x99 are represented as 400% more effective than .50 BMG in this game, in reality the NATO forces deployed in combat zones trade US troops for .50BMG ammo frequently, just because it's a more effective round.

Please don't start a caliber debate here, oh God please don't. I'm just pointing out why you should find a G17 and keep it forever, until they change the game again.

By Renoh on 2012/07/09 at 5:05am

The G17 is a very good pistol for fighting zombies indoors and in towns. It has relatively low damage, but if you can slow zombies in a door/building, one shot to the head will down them. However, the G17 is terrible for fighting people simply due to its low damage. I would recommend using it if you are raiding smaller towns where players are not as common.

By Completionism on 2012/07/19 at 4:26am

Personally, this is my favorite sidearm in DayZ. It's quiet, has a high magazine capacity (second only to the PDW), has good iron sights and can accept both flavors of M9 magazine in addition to its own. A single headshot will kill a zombie of course, but its quick rate of fire allows you to put three or four rounds into a zed's chest without any trouble too.

The built-in flashlight is incredibly useful for nighttime looting in cities as well as navigating the countryside in the dark. The smartest way to use this (and any other) flashlight is to only turn it on momentarily every 10-15 seconds to keep your bearings. Zombies don't seem to notice the light this pistol throws, but other players definitely will.

UPDATE: With the changes (nerfs) to sidearm damages, this pistol has become even more preferred. Now requiring 5 body shots to kill a zombie, the high magazine of the G17 makes it the stand out winner. And if you can land 17 headshots, well...

Edited by Completionism on 2012/07/27
By Vicarious on 2012/11/19 at 11:47am

Best sidearm in the game, ammo is plentiful, has a flashlight, amazing sights

By PHALANX36000 on 2012/08/23 at 9:05am

The G17 is a great side arm, while it is quite rare and the ammo is relatively scarce it is extremely versatile , it can kill a zed with one shot to the head and 4 to the centre mass, the iron sights are by far the best out of all the side arms, the flash light helps at night time but while ammo is scarce each clip holds 17 shots, so if your a good aim thats 17 zombies. it can also kill a player in 16 center mass shots making it one of the only sidearms that can kill a player in one mag, if you find it keep it, much better than M1911 or the revolver

By dancingbanana23 on 2013/02/05 at 10:14am

Lol this gun is the very first thing i ever picked up. I always use this for nighttime servers if i dont have night vision

By Spirel on 2012/10/30 at 2:52pm

This weapon is my baby. great for night raids with the flashlight, quiet as hell, decent damage, lovely accuracy, good mag size, best pistol iron sights and easy to kill zeds with. Hell, I don't think I'd swap this baby for a PDW!

By Juststaydead or juicy on 2012/09/25 at 9:33pm

I find the flashlight helpful as it means you don't have to quickly change weapons if in trouble. But it is easily the best pistol especially if your like me and only feel safe at night with five people on the server.

By Shocki on 2012/09/14 at 3:51am

When i find one of these , i always trade my m1911 for it. After i go through the final mag all i do i regret leaving my trust m1911 with its infinite supply of ammo =(

By intheshadows on 2012/09/11 at 1:08am

My favourite sidearm next to the silenced pdw, the flashlight is very useful and it will fire as fast as you can press the mouse button

Also, I just found one in a supermarket with 2 mags, I thought they only spawned at military spwans

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 8:03pm

Not the most powerfull, but a good backup none the less.

By JamesB195 on 2012/07/26 at 9:36pm

Finally picked up one of these yesterday after hours and hours of trying to find a weapon, poor damage 3 - 4 shots to body for Zeds, good mag size, good audiable range.

By Snacks on 2012/07/18 at 8:47am

vedy good gun!

By Max on 2012/07/15 at 12:00pm

Great sidearm for night time use due to the inbuilt and very powerful flash light, the sights are also very fluid to use. Would be very good for taking someone out using night vision in a sweep and clear situation head on I expect, if you got alpha.

Edited by Max on 2012/07/15
By Shadowsgleam on 2012/07/11 at 4:18am


Sprinting away and aborting isn't an intended mechanic. If you think that's how you're supposed to play then you're in for quite a change when they finally get it to where you can't just abort away things like players and zombies and you're forced to fight or die.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:12am

1388 dmg/per hit

By Delonge on 2012/07/09 at 2:49pm


You must be a casual, if you can't take even zombies when they are walking in a building, and have to resort to aborting, you obviously need to die ingame right there and then.

By experiment123 on 2012/11/27 at 11:24am

Word of advice for raiding:

The best inventory to have is a DMR, a G17, NVG's, and medical suppies.


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