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The flashlight is a high lumen directional light source with a usable beam distance of 70 - 130m. It comes with batteries that never deplete, making it a reliable source of light when needed without having to stock up on batteries or spare flashlights.

New characters start with a flashlight in their tool belt which can be readied for use in the secondary weapon slot by right clicking on it in their inventory and selecting the option to remove it from the tool belt. If the secondary weapon is not active, the Switch Gun key (";" by default) can be used to switch to it and then the Light key ("L" by default) will toggle the flashlight on or off.

Flashlights have many trade-offs which make them less desirable in high risk situations where combat might occur. Some of them can be countered by obtaining a weapon with a flashlight already attached such as the G17, M4A3 CCO, or Remington 870 (Flashlight). Otherwise, it may be preferrable to use chemlights which have fewer downsides.

Usage tips:

  • Zombies cannot see the flashlight beam itself, but it is easily noticeable by other players at long range and so should be used with moderation.
  • To steadily aim the flashlight, you must either be stationary or using the walk key (shift by default) to move slowly.
  • The flashlight is less useful while prone, due to low lying obstructions like grass, the inability to keep the flashlight steady while crawling, and the very narrow beam.
  • A pistol cannot be used at the same time as a flashlight, so be sure to right click on the flashlight and place it back in your tool belt before trying to pick up a pistol. Additionally, rather than dropping your pistol on the ground to use a flashlight, try placing the pistol in your backpack if there is room.
By Tw1x on 2012/10/23 at 2:37am

@Complex: Maybe they are new or don't know that it is dangerous with flashlight on? So please don't make fun about helpless players. (I have been playing DayZ for about a week now and I can say, on servers with less than 8 players it isn't really dangerous to use the flashlight until the next city...)

By Kispola on 2012/07/28 at 7:23pm

Very hard to use it in a small area, as the light will just focus on a small surface and you still won't see anything.

Edited by Kispola on 2012/07/28
By Yoshanuikabundi on 2012/07/24 at 12:30am

You can move the flashlight back into your toolbelt by right-clicking on it and selecting "Add to Toolbelt". When you first switch on the flashlight, if you're standing still it will often not start shining immediately - if this happens, just move a bit and it should start working. The cone of light will always shine in the direction the flashlight is pointing, so running with it switched on is not a good idea.


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