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Fishing Boat

By Skunkfu on 2013/06/25 at 3:21pm

Hey Guys,

It appears the Fishing Boat speed has been updated to 45kph.


  • Skunkfu
By timmiej12 on 2013/08/21 at 6:46am

This boat is amazing !! Like Zaros said, 40/400/8 ( guns/items/backpacks). won't dissapear.

Filled my 1st one, yust found my second at 073-131 (cherno docks). however the speed isn't quite correct I can push out 55 k/mh but that's not even the best addition to the discription, it is a PIRATE SHIP !! Oh yeas you read that correct - it has a (mini) pirate flag on top :D

Serious tho a must have for collecters !

To find them use a chopper or PMX and cruise along the coastline they are pretty big so if ur paying atention you will find some boats :)

Edited by timmiej12 on 2013/08/21
By Zaros on 2013/06/14 at 10:43pm

Yeah they really made the boats amazing, it carries 400 items and 40 guns along with 8 backpacks!!! Thats amazing. If you truly are a DayZ survivor you must get one of these. Please for my sake and yours get one!!!!

By Zaros on 2013/05/15 at 6:46pm

The database says that it has no slots but I tested it and it should hold at least 30 items. If you lose anything don't blame me though D:

By droidcommando on 2012/12/23 at 7:47am

even though its the second fastest boat in the game, I reckon a boat with sails would be faster. but in saying that its faster then swimming or running

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By filozovs on 2012/10/29 at 1:16am

how can you reach 30 kph? I could only squeeze 20 out if it.

By Mouse on 2012/09/24 at 5:02pm

The according to ARMA, the boat will hold 8 people. But I've only ever been able to test two in DayZ myself.

By Suarez on 2012/09/23 at 8:54am

Not that its very popular, but I just want to add that two buddies and I have taken a small boat ride. With that said, it holds at least 3 people not 2..


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