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Epi-pens are used to revive unconscious players. They can be found in military and deer stand spawns, but are more commonly found in hospitals. Epi-pens take up a single inventory slot, and are used by choosing the "Give Epi-Pen" option from the mouse wheel menu on an unconscious player. Epi-Pens cannot be used on the player by themselves.

By Northern0Pilot on 2012/08/31 at 11:16am

Personally I think they should of given it a different name, because if anyone knows what an epi-pen is you would think it is to cure an allergic reaction. That said they should of probably introduced it as adrenalin and for a short period of time make the sensitivity of the mouse go up on the survivor to make it seem like they are in a rushed state.

Idk... personal opinion i guess.

By Demoarlized on 2012/07/18 at 3:45pm

Used on unconscious players to immediately awaken them. This is ineffective on dead players. It only works while the player is unconscious. -DayZ Wiki

By danziglucifero on 2012/10/06 at 7:42am <-- read this. This is exactly what epi-pens do, all of what you want with the adrenaline injectors.

Its used for allergic reactions so one doesnt die because of lack of oxygen to the brain, anti-histamines are what is used to treat the actual allergy in you, not the epinephrine


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