This page contains information about the mod version of DayZ. Standalone information is available here.

Entrenching Tool

The Entrenching Tool is used to fabricate fortifications, such as Sandbags. It's found somewhat rarely in military spawns and deer stands.

This tool is not required to remove Sandbags. Instead, dismantling them requires a Toolbox.

By BadDeadBodies on 2012/08/09 at 7:04pm

Pity there isn't enough organization in DayZ to barter rare items like this. Envisions an protected Trader's camp with a Merc Faction keeping things peaceful..

By AceXprt on 2012/08/07 at 2:14pm

for some reason when ever i find these they always come in LOADS! like 5 at a time. especially in hangars.

By MrGreen on 2012/10/26 at 10:01am

I killed an electro-sniper, and he had like 4-5 of these xD

By Junk667 on 2012/08/10 at 7:11am

As of I did not need this one to put up some sandbags. If they don't have any other purpose I'd guess they're useless by now.


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