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Compound Crossbow

The Compound Crossbow is a single shot bolt loaded weapon found in almost every weapon spawn location.

The low audibility rating of the Compound Crossbow makes it great for raiding cities, however its poor rate of fire, lack of ammo storage, and low range make it easy to drop in lieu of a more reliable weapon.

Once fired, bolts will become lodged in whichever surface they impact, and this makes the ammo last a long time. Occasionally the bolt will become irretrievable after killing a zombie, however this can be fixed by using the "Hide Body" action on the corpse. Sometimes, however, hide body will hide the crossbow bolt as well.

To effectively aim the Compound Crossbow, draw a line from both ends of the ironsights towards each other at a perfect 90 degree angle. Where the two lines meet is where your bolt will strike.

While the damage of the crossbow is less than the amount needed to kill a zombie in one hit, it often does so anyway. Whether the damage calcuation on the crossbow is unusual or bugged is not known, but only take that value at it's face. It is possible, that because of the collision detection of the bolt, that the bolt is registered as hitting twice, or that the multipliers of the upper chest and head shots are expanded on purpose due to the nature of the weapon.

By zombiexpert on 2012/07/29 at 4:13am

i think we should be able to store more arrows for slot

By Dickhat on 2012/07/30 at 6:25am

I love the idea of having a crossbow and I always loved a crossbow in other games but in DayZ it's just plain bad. The iron sights are ridiculous bad and recovering the bolt is a pain.

The best suggestion I ever heard for this was making the bolt appear on the gear of the zombie you killed instead of you having to click it to retrieve it. Also, real life crossbow bolts have built in quivers of at least 4 bolts so this thing should have a magazine of sorts or at least let you pile up bolts in the same slot. 5 bolts by slot would already be fantastical.

By Snark on 2012/07/05 at 7:47pm

This is so far my favourite weapon. 1: It's silent. 2: It isn't rare. 3: Ammunition is easy to be found.

By Creedo on 2012/11/17 at 8:08am

This thing really needs a red-dot scope and the ability to stack 5 bolts per ammo slot. Also bolts should have a percentage of recover ability on Zed corpses. Say like... 50% recoverable bolts from your kills. For balance maybe make the bolts a little less common to drop.

By rajunrick on 2013/03/04 at 11:33pm

Arrows can be stored in a quiver now by right clicking on the arrow.

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 8:14pm

Found one with three bolts... found a ZedHead about ten meters away (was crouched)... missed with all three in iron sights... meh...

By GreenMountainRangers on 2013/04/03 at 8:46am

personally for a crosshair i just put a tiny sticker in the center of my screen, shity but bettet than the crossbows ads

By Tmx on 2012/08/06 at 11:54pm

It's very hard to hit only with ironsights so if you are playing on a server with no crosshair enabled you may have a problem aiming.

By ElAMJAM on 2012/07/13 at 10:26am

It's one shot and Ammo is common, I'll use a sidearm for combat but for stealth it's Crossbow all day

By Laufer on 2012/07/07 at 9:21pm

"Hide Body" hides body WITH bolt! So if you can't get bolt off body - you loose it anyway. And yes - it takes only one bolt per zombie. Always.

Edited by Laufer on 2012/07/07
By Immunity on 2012/07/07 at 4:59am

It says the damage is only 8 but it's never taken me two bolts to kill a zombie. Can anyone else confirm/deny this?

Conversely, AK's also have damage 8 but I think it pretty much always takes two body shots for me.

What is going on?

By Roorah on 2012/07/06 at 7:04am

The bolts can be re used. However you need to aim at the bolt itself. Not the corpse.

By Wo3dy on 2012/07/06 at 6:26am

the bolts are anouying cause 1 bolt takes 1 slots. should be like 4bolts takes 1 slot.

By Indy2 on 2013/03/19 at 7:33pm

I think it does more damage than 3555. a zombie has 4500 blood and the crossbow one hits it. also men people have hit me with a crossbow or i hit someone else me/they almost instantly pass out and almost one shot from a 12000 blood count. other than accuracy and iron sights + reload speed and ammo space i think we are dealing with a much greater damage dealing weapon then first thought.

By PvtPirate on 2013/01/10 at 5:55am

its a nice idea and if there'd ever be a real zombie-apocalypse, i'd take one of those, but in reallife they are indeed a lot more useful: -an effective range of 250 meters and even more (zeroed to about 150 meters) -a pullingweight of 150lbs (ca.92Kg) so definitely deadly/very harmful when the target isnt armored. -the bolts can be stored in a quiver and dont take up much space/weight -aiming is easy with proper ironsights on a good sports/hunting-crossbow.

in this DayZ (at the momen)t this weapon is a poor joke. it would be awesome if they'd change it to a realistic one.

By Excelo on 2012/12/15 at 11:48am

i'd rather have a makarov with 1 mag than this "thing" with bolts taking up all my space, with the makarov you can do headshots to not waste ammo, with this thing, you can just forget the loot... no space leftover ugh just hate it.

By JJ-Merc on 2012/09/10 at 12:32am

The weapon acts frankly- fucking retarded. A friend of mine shot it, the bolt went through the zombie, lodged into it, then hit me and broke my leg. Honestly, against players it is pretty good, especially to immobilise, but it's too slow for use against zeds. A hatchet, winchester or Lee Enfield are much better choices.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:33am

3555 dmg/per hit

By MartyTheGlaceon on 2012/07/08 at 11:11pm

Common ammunition, and relatively good power. Quite common in barns, too. So long as you can work around the inventory space required for the ammo, and the somewat terrible ironsights. It can be a good weapon early game.

By RavenMk2 on 2012/12/29 at 6:07am

The thing about this weapon is its also a one hit kill on players. Or at least it has been in my experience. After my third day of playing on DayZ I found one of these bad boys in the store in Elektro, it had 2 bolts. Less than 5 minutes after finding it some jerkwad bandit decided to come in all willy nilly with his shotgun, I pulled the trigger, and BAM dead bandit. So, I'm not sure if the damage calculation on this weapon is accurate or if due to the type of weapon it is it does something like 3555*length of the bolt. As far as I'm concerned the only real drawbacks of this weapon are not having a "magazine" for the bolts and that its range is only 30 meters.

By KyleDOT on 2012/09/30 at 6:03pm

Very effective. I always try to have one in my backpack with a few bolts

By HFBLtDan on 2012/09/07 at 2:09am

Once I found a Crowbar whith one bolt, I asked my friend, whether I culd pick up shooten bolts again. And he said Yes. So I aimed at a wll an shoot, than I walked over to the wall, but there was no bolt, than I went outside the building and there was a dead Zombie whith a bolt in his inventory.

By Mr Stagger Lee on 2012/07/15 at 12:55am

Modern day X bows have a quiver built in so should have 4 allowed on bow its self all time. I have a Commando M X Bow with this and even a laser sight, so how about adding a quiver in game for back or for legs and basic sight to But i love it in game nothing better to clear few z away from a area or a good old Hatchet Ammo a pain but lasts as collect of corpse if you look at ( Bolt not corpse ) Id recommend a better weapon for killing your fellow man if you that kind me i try to help out but normally get shot in the back but hey it is one if not the best game i played in a long time n all i can say is TY :)

Edited by Mr Stagger Lee on 2012/07/15
By Mrksjke on 2012/07/06 at 11:35pm

It's a cheap and reliable alternative for an axe in the beginning, that's all.

Shitty ironsights, ammo takes alot of place in the backpack, doesn't oneshot zombies from time to time, long reloading - this sucks : (


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