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Chemlights are single-use chemiluminescent glow sticks that last for an hour, radiating a dim light. Next to night vision goggles, they are the most useful item for low profile night time looting or travel due to providing sufficient and sustained area light without drawing much attention.

Usage tips:

  • Thrown chemlights can be picked up and carried to light your way, even with a sidearm or primary weapon out.
  • The light produced by a chemlight extends 5m out and is visible up to a certain range, beyond which only a small dot of light can be seen by others.
  • In an emergency where light is the lesser concern, chemlights can be thrown near zombies to distract them.
  • Chemlights may be superior for noticing bear traps in the dark compared to flashlights which have narrow beams that bleed no light to the surrounding area.

Chemlight colors:

  • Blue is the least visible chemlight color at range, which makes it good for exploring high risk areas, but the least useful as a thrown distraction.
    • Visible up to 35m away.
  • Red stands out the most as an out of place color in the night, yet is still only visible from a moderate range.
    • Visible up to 55m away.
  • Green causes the most receptors to fire in the human eye, causing it to seem brighter for the same amount of light produced. This allows you to make out nearby details easier without straining your eyes as much, but it is also visible at the longest range of the chemlight colors making it attractive to nearby players or zombies and consequently ideal for limited-range distractions. This color is also great for longer distance travel out in the wilderness where zombies are a lesser concern.
    • Visible up to 75m away.
By Creedo on 2013/07/30 at 6:49pm

I love the blue chemlights for night ops! Toss one at your feet and pick it up... instant lantern!

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