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Camping Tent

Tents are used to store items and can be placed anywhere on the map, except inside buildings. Placing a tent can be tricky - try slowly moving your character to one side with your inventory open while repeatedly attempting to pitch the tent. Tents have a small chance of spawning in residential areas such as houses or stores. Carrying a Camping Tent uses 3 inventory slots.

While it might seem like a good idea to hide your tent in a tree, it can cause several problems: the tent may not be accessible, there is a high risk of injury whilst trying, and the contents could be unexpectedly wiped.

Tent Capacity

Tents can hold a total of 65 items. The idea is that they can hold a certain number of each type of item, without regard for how many slots they normally require in a player's inventory. They can hold the following:

  • 10 guns or tools
  • 50 general items
  • 5 backpacks.

This means that even if all 50 item slots are available, if you have 10 guns already stored, you can't put any more into the tent. To work around this, additional guns and tools can be put into backpacks which can then go into the tent.

After placement, they will be saved on the server you set them up and will only appear there. In order to properly save your tent, you need to look at it and choose the "Save Camping Tent" option from the mouse wheel menu. Tents can be picked up after they are set up, but only by the person who placed it, and only on that current life. They will disappear within 7 days after death if they have not been used by then. You can still keep one though, as long as someone interacts with it within those 7 days. Tents placed outside the map border (where the grass ends) may be wiped without notice.

Tents are currently unstable and there is still a chance your items will be lost when the server restarts. If one disappeared from where you placed it, it is possible that the server failed to load it due to a glitch. They can reappear after the server restarts, but your items may be lost. Tents can also be flattened by weapons and vehicles (including bicycles), in which case the contents will be lost.

By sadraddude on 2012/07/21 at 9:51am

If they get run over by a vehicle, the tent and all of the contents will be destroyed D:

By MipitTheTroll on 2012/07/19 at 8:17am

WARNING: Be careful when crawling inside of a tent. I went inside with my sidearm drawn and decided to draw my Lee Enfield. The gun is so large that it destroyed my characters legs and sent him into a bloody coma. Thankfully I had friends. You should be able to enter with your main weapon drawn though.

By Mystogan on 2013/03/16 at 3:19am

Do not place your tent under a pine tree and then packing it away as you will not able to re pick up the tent

By Opet on 2012/08/14 at 8:27pm

Tent can hold 10 tools and guns + 50 general items + 5 backpacks. It means that if the tent have 10 guns in it, it can still hold 50 general items and 5 backpacks. Simple as that.

Note: The number of slot each item takes in a backpack doesn't matter in a tent.

Edited by Opet on 2012/08/14
By Lrg on 2012/08/14 at 6:47am

Tents...And vehicle... Strorages tables are well updated current loot is not randomly wrote.Please keep in mind that any "TOOL" count as Weapon slots.Anything inside the tent take up 1 slot only,even side arms or primary.Engines parts/Main rotor assembly too, they are general object so you could have 50 engine parts and 10 weapon(5 sidearms and 5 primary) withoput having room for ammos(Ammos take 1General object slot per mag.)Before throwing a weapon in your tent make sure you know how many tools there is inside alrdy. Once you understand this, same rules apply for vehicles. I believe backpack's information is correct, but i read sumwhere that after server reset the backpack content is wiped leaving the emtpy backpack in the tent. I use backpack for 1 day storage if you know server rebooting schedule.

Feel free to rewrite this in a proper english. Thanks for reading.


By Kidsin on 2012/08/13 at 4:47am

This is going off of 1.7.x.x.4, based on my interactions with tents-

INTERACTING Don't try to crawl inside one. Don't crawl around them if you can avoid it. If you are crawling around them, do not turn sharpley(use alt to move your head around to look) if you turn too sharpley and catch your body on the tent the wrong way, you can either break a bone and start bleeding, or very well break your bone and glitch out entirely(sudden death, 0 blood) If two tents are close together, don't try to run or crawl through them. Also, you can break bones doing the same thing crawling next to trees.

*** STORAGE AND CAPACITY *** It will NOT hold 10 guns + 50 slots. That information is grossly incorrect. The best I've seen is around 5-6 guns(Main weapons) with at or around 45-50 slots.(I've never been able to fit more than around 7 guns into a tent, even with just a few misc items in it, but I imagine its because my tools like NV, Rangefinder, compass, map, take up weapon slots(I'm pretty sure watches/compasses/nv/maps affect the weapon slots)) Players should note I've also had problems with putting sidearms inside tents and it taking up a primary weapon equivalency.(Side arms are 5 slots, main weapons are 10) Players are still able to throw guns inside of backpacks and store them(Backpack cap is 5, confirmed, but be careful with throwing multiple backpacks of the same type in, it may over-write the backpack with the guns inside, or force you to remove all of them and sort through them to find the right one.( I advise throwing two guns in an alice, and storing your coyotes so you dont get confused.)

Be careful stacking nightvision goggles in tents, it caps at around 3-4(depending on guns), and will start putting them on the ground.

If you are trying to store weapons/ammo/misc in a FULL tent, 9 times out of 10, it will throw the weapon on the ground. Sometimes visible, sometimes not. When it is not visible, I've had moderate success with dropping more misc loot(soda cans, side arm ammo, easily replaceable loot) in the same manner at the same spot, and it will sometimes make the loot pile viewable and you can grab what you dropped.(You have to do it in your gear screen uninterrupted such as: I open my gear screen go to throw my AKM in, noticed it didn't go into the tent, so I goto main inventory and drop a water bottle, a few sodas, and some meat, and then the gun I dropped is viewable on the ground and can be picked up.)

SPAWNING They most commonly spawn in supermarkets, and churches(Not speaking of percentages on loot spawn, just a hundred hours or so of in game experience). If you server hop 3-4 times in a supermarket, you're almost guaranteed to find one. You can force one to spawn in a supermarket/church reasonably quickly by loot-juggling, force-spawning, etc. This involves removing ALL the loot from a supermarket(yes, all of it.) and taking it outside about 10m away from the building, and dumping it on the ground. Once you accomplish this, it will force the loot inside the building to respawn immediately(between 3-10 minutes)(Yes you can use this for other purposes too)

Edited by Kidsin on 2012/08/13
By ElinK on 2012/07/19 at 12:57am

How many slots does a tent hold ? is it 50 total ?

By LivingPixel on 2013/03/27 at 8:23am

If you die, you have a week to get the stuff out. But if the server restarts, its earlier.

Note: You CANNOT take up your tent after you are dead.

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/05 at 9:10pm

Pine trees are the devil when packing up tents i lost 3 tents when packing up my camp (considering how hard they are to find it was a drawback)

By Mouse on 2012/09/08 at 5:42pm

Tools count as weapons, just a note, and I'm still not sure on post-death tent ownership. After the tent placer is dead, will the tent transfer ownership to the next person who uses it? Or will the dead guy still be the only person to pack it up? And will the tent's despawn counter keep resetting with each use after the owner's death?

By AJP on 2012/08/24 at 6:13pm

If you find a tent and loot the contents does that take them from the other player?

By Thaua on 2012/08/22 at 10:25am

Each magazine (Either Stanag, AK, AKM, shotshells, etc) will go under general items, occupying 1 slot each. They don't stack. I'm not sure about ammo belts (200rnd 5,56 for the M249 or 100rnd 7,62 for the Mk48), who normally use 2 slots on the inventory. I bet each uses one, since each gun count as one regardless if sidearm or primary weapon.

By crckdns on 2012/08/21 at 5:43pm

To clarify this .. I get this, each weapon uses 1 slot. What about "small" items like ammo? example: I've got 5 STANAG ammo.. it would use 5 slots in my backpack usually. Is it using 5 slots in the tent or is stacked and is using only one slot in the tent? Like 1 slot per item-type or 1 slot per item ?!

By BDAres on 2012/08/20 at 11:28pm

A common tactic for placing tents is to move a little bit and attempt to place the tent at your feet repeatedly.

This may cause a problem in that you may place it twice successfully, resulting in two overlapped tents. If you do not remove one by re-packing it, they will both be destroyed upon server restart because tents cannot re-spawn on top of each other.

Edited by BDAres on 2012/08/20
By Karmakiller on 2012/08/02 at 1:23am

Can anyone confirm if you can avoid heat loss by being in a tent while it's raining?

Also i have stored a tent within a tent for the last week with multiple server resets.

Edited by Karmakiller on 2012/08/02
By GabbaGubbel on 2012/08/01 at 7:44am

@gobatboys A few days ago I stole a tent that was inside a tent, that proves they don't disappear.

By Junos on 2012/07/28 at 2:03am

This is still not clear enough. I've read elsewhere that a tent could hold, for example, all at the same time:

10 rifles 50 items 5 backpacks

But what I read here suggests that if the tent has 10 rifles in it, it's full, and no general items or backpacks can be added.

In my personal experience, I've seen a tent holding 4 backpacks, 8 rifles, and over 30 general items, simultaneously. But later I noticed some rifles missing. I don't know if they disappeared due to a bug, a server restart, a tent item limit, or if someone took them.

By gobatboys on 2012/07/23 at 11:13am

The tent functions differently than a backpack because it can hold 50 different items, no matter how much the items take up in a backpack; for example, it can hold 50 car tires. CAUTION Do not put other tents inside of other tents. They will disappear, i have learned this from firsthand experience.

By Buzz65 on 2012/09/26 at 11:59am

Recently I managed to acquire an M14 Aim from a down chopper near the prison. I have a tent setup not from from the prison to store goods that I find there. I placed the M14 inside and proceeded back to the prison for more looting. While there I found an M249 w/ammo. I quickly ran up to the tent and dumped it into it. In the Tent there are 3 M4 CCO's 1 DMR, and 1 M24 + the weapons (M14 and M249) I'd just added. Upon returning about a 1/2 hour later, they were both gone. No one else on server so it wasn't theft.

By Sock on 2012/08/28 at 9:49am

@ AJP, yes.

By theelous3 on 2012/08/09 at 5:16pm

This really needs to be clarified. Can I have 10 weapons, 50 items and 5 backpacks at once? What about 9, 49 and 5? What about pistols? For now I'm just going to assume this is wrong, because 10 weapons is 100 slots worth, and if I had five it would apparently max out the other capacity slots, which makes no sense considering that if I filled 50 item slots they would take up 150 slots.

By eldlammet on 2012/08/07 at 2:38am

I lost my AS50 1 AS50 Magazine and Range Finder and some other equipment that i looted from a newbie hacker that crashed his heli facepalm, But still im pretty mad about that, what i did was that i pitched my tent inside a tree ( The three went through the tent ) without meaning to the idea was to put it beetwen 4 trees so that it would be pretty impossible to see unless you know its there. I havent checked if the items will be there after server restart though. And yes i am pretty sure that the tent was not full because Ive only putted what can fit at maximum in one Coyote Backpack and the whole inventory which is Food, Water, All tools ingame inclusive NVG Rangefinder, 2 weapons and some ammo and medical supplies. I know it says 10 tools / weapons and i think that it was more than 10 tools / weapons i had, but wouldnt the stuff be laying on the ground then ? would be happy if someone could explain :)

By GVTV on 2012/09/02 at 6:14pm

I pitched a tent and saved and came back next day but tent is not there. I play two servers and checked both. If someone runs over it does the tent dissolve? I also put it on the no name mountain so does that mean a ghost took it? They also took my bicycle oh that was my other question if I save a bicycle does it hang around 7 days like a tent if know one finds it and steals it? Well someone stole my bike so if you see a green one shoot the bastard.

By Noltz on 2012/07/23 at 3:12am

@ElinK 50 items exactly

Edited by Noltz on 2012/07/23


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