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Blood Bag

Blood bags are used to restore another player's health to full by giving them a transfusion. They are most commonly found in hospitals; usually inside of medical boxes, but can also be found in medical military tents and in medical boxes that may or may not spawn by a crashed helicopter.

Blood bags cannot be self-administered; they can only be used on other players. Transfusions are given to another player by choosing the "Give Blood Transfusion" option on their mouse wheel menu. This option will only be available when looking at a player with less than 12,000 blood and only if the blood bag is in your active inventory and not your backpack. As of, when giving a transfusion to a player, 1,000 blood is transferred every second of the process instead of it being instantaneous as it was in previous updates. If the player receiving the blood moves during the process, the transfusion will stop and leave said player with what blood he was transferred before he/she moved.

When a blood transfusion is given to another player, the player who performed the transfusion will have their humanity raised by 250. This means they are frequently used by bandits to raise their humanity in order to obtain the survivor skin, or the hero skin. While this can take time, this unfortunately means that heroes and survivors may easily be bandits in "disguise".

By Mr Stagger Lee on 2012/08/17 at 12:33am

you can not revive a player with this if he dead he dead best used for major blood loss as it fill your blood lvl cooked meat give you 800 health best used if injured Tins give you 200 health best used for snack you can not administer the blood pack to your self just other players

By alphalex123 on 2013/01/20 at 12:29am

its ironic finding on of these on single player,makes me sad

Edited by alphalex123 on 2013/01/20
By Ghostly-sniper on 2012/12/16 at 12:15am

lately i have had the problem that you wont be able to use one unless you eat or drink something first

By Dorsagnia on 2012/08/16 at 11:40pm

is it actualy possible to "revive" someone with this if he/she is down?

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 7:22pm

Very helpfull if you're in a group and don't have any cooked meat.

By Demoarlized on 2012/07/18 at 3:40pm

Blood Bag is most commonly found in or near Hospitals, they are used to Restore Blood to a player by a Transfusion. As to date you can only Receive a Blood Transfusion by another Player, the provider must have the Blood Bag in their Primary Inventory then Mouse over the receiver and Scroll Wheel to the option Give Blood Transfusion and Left Click. If the option does not appear adjust your range from the player until it shows up.


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