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Bear Trap

Bear traps are a type of trap that, when triggered, will break the leg of any player or zombie that steps on one. They can be picked back up if they haven't been triggered, allowing them to be moved or cleared without having to be triggered. They are found in barns and other farm loot spawns and take up one inventory slot.

As the possibility of survivor stepping on a trap out in the open is extremely low due to the size of the map, it is recommended to put your traps in high traffic bottlenecks such as doorways and ladders.

In addition to being used against players, they can also be used on animals to silently kill them for some Raw Meat.

One common issue with bear traps is that they're known to disappear, but can still be triggered if a player happens to step where it was originally placed.

Crafting recipes

Bear Trap (Flare) Bear Trap (Smoke)
By Thaua on 2012/08/16 at 6:51pm

Here's a test for you to do: can it pop your tire if you drive over one?

By Roumba on 2012/08/14 at 4:58pm

A caution for would be trappers: if a trap is set and then picked back up (you can only do this when it is closed) an invisible bear trap may remain where you just took it from, possibly breaking your/a friend's legs with no warning.

By Z-Axis on 2012/08/21 at 12:06pm

Are they able to be picked up once they are triggered?

By sanbaldo on 2012/07/29 at 1:29pm

found only once.. it disappeared.. :(

By hiphopboy797 on 2012/11/02 at 3:09am

wow, all the coments posted are questions that are answerd if you read the whole beartrap post.

By Wintoz on 2012/08/09 at 6:35pm

You only need 1 slot for a bear trap.

By SpaceBunneh on 2012/07/23 at 4:25pm

Bear traps also kill wildlife.

By Smegskull on 2012/07/25 at 9:35am

anyone know how much damage they do blood and basic? also how many inventory slots.


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