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Backpack (coyote)

The Coyote Backpack is a 24 slot backpack with the ability to carry 4 secondary weapons or two primary weapons or any combination thereof, and is tied with the Czech Backpack as the largest backpack currently available. Due to the similar name, new players often confuse it with the Patrol Pack (coyote). It is shorter and wider than the Czech Backpack and is less thick, thus making it less bulky than the Czech Backpack. However it features a beige desert camouflage, which contrasts the woodland environment of Chernarus, thus making the wearer a glaring target for bandits or otherwise unfriendly survivors. The player must thus be extremely careful when moving in high traffic areas, such as cities or the NWAF. They are typically found in military buildings such as fire stations, airfields and deer stands.

By JD78 on 2012/08/16 at 7:48am

People will shoot you no matter what backpack you are wearing.

By obin on 2012/07/26 at 6:06pm

Running around with this thing on makes people wanna kill you. Nuff said.

By tksniper on 2012/09/25 at 1:33am

its not a target on you back when you have a ghilie ;) enough said! go GHILIE

Edited by tksniper on 2012/09/25
By Datkins11 on 2012/08/13 at 10:02am

This thing is a target on your back but it is worth the risk

Edited by Datkins11 on 2012/08/13
By SchmeddyBallz on 2013/01/19 at 3:46am

Honestly if someone is going to shoot you they are going to shoot you weather you have a coyote or not. So if I find one I take it. It gives you so much room for a weapon, ammo, food, and whatever. I play solo so I have to carry cooked meet and this lets me do that and carry everything else you need in days. The point is it is a step up from an alice pack so id just take it because if I see someone with any backpack, besides the starter one, i'm going to shoot them because there is a good chance they have something good...

By Buzz65 on 2012/11/27 at 7:18pm

All guns other than pistols/pdw take up 10 slots in a backpack. Pistols take up 6.

By Mouse on 2012/09/06 at 10:58am

"DZ_Backpack_EP1" in code.

By Tmx on 2012/08/04 at 2:30am

I was surprised to find this backpack on a dead begginer near the shore. Almost didn't noticed as I thought it was a Patrol Pack (coyote) but after examining the image I figured it is diffrent. But I wonder how he managed to get it?

By Smiderick on 2012/08/04 at 12:06am

just found one of these in a deer stand, nice backpack. Its very big so you can easily be seen, best thing is you wear it with a ghilly suit :D

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/04 at 8:00pm

Yea but if you have a Czech vest pack and your buddy has a large coyote he would be the first one to be shot

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/04/16 at 2:23pm

I like using this backpack but.... Sniping with my DMR without a ghilly suit is a pain some advice to snipers IT IS VERY OBVIOUS

By LivingPixel on 2013/03/27 at 8:17am

I thought they were commonly found in Barracks. I was wrong. You have a better chance finding them in Medium yield (ATC Towers and Firestations) and Stary Sobor. Only by 0,08 % though. So you have as much chance to find a DMR as a Coyote Backpack when you are scanning the coast.

By dancingbanana23 on 2013/02/08 at 7:29am

Why does it say 6 weapon slots, i thought you could only fit 2 in it?

By xplosivcat on 2013/01/30 at 7:53am

Where are these commonly found?

By Killz475 on 2012/11/24 at 2:49am

hey how many slots do weapons take?? im to noob to ever get anything other than pistol and shotty. and are assault rifles less than snipers? shotty's less then assault rifles? ect. How does it work? please help me!!!

Edited by Killz475 on 2012/11/24
By Raventi on 2012/10/23 at 9:49am

I love how this is easier to find at ATC, firestation, hangers, and deer stands than at barracks

Edited by Raventi on 2012/10/23
By biscuitsakimbo on 2012/09/01 at 6:50pm

"It's a target on your back" I see what you did there!!!!

By Raykage on 2012/08/16 at 4:08am

I was just in a barrack in NWAF and found it. For some reason I thought that Alice is the biggest but then I checked it here and read that:

"Running around with this thing on makes people wanna kill you. Nuff said."

I opened the game again took the backpack and like 5 secs later a sniper tried to kill my through the window (there were just around 5 people on the whole server, coincedence?) Hehe was pretty ironic. At least I survived...

By Predator on 2012/07/21 at 3:37am

These are found in airfield hangers and military buildings

By Ninero on 2012/07/17 at 1:52pm

These are the best pack you can find, from what I have seen. Alice packs have 20, these have 24.

By droidcommando on 2013/03/15 at 1:23pm

guys, when it says 6 weapon slots, it means it can hold 6 secondaries ( they take up 5 slots) and 2 primaries ( 10 slots). this still means its wrong, because if anyone knows their maths 5 goes into 24 4 and 4/5 times.

By exec on 2013/02/25 at 11:16am

so... can u carry weapons and stuff??

like 6 m16a2 and 24 extra slots?

By Awesumo on 2012/09/15 at 6:42pm

Love this backpack i got it at the NW Airfield i was running around with a hord of zombie's after me when i see a player crouch running i killed him with my M14 AIM i ran over to him and i realized he had a Coyote Backpack and a AS50, FN FAL NV, M9 SD, and some other usefull supplies :D

By darkshark6 on 2012/08/28 at 9:28pm

Why do people say that you need to be in a military building? I just found One of these in the Balota medical camp... In a deer stand... I also found a AK Kobra and a M1014... So The its technical military structures.

Edited by darkshark6 on 2012/08/28
By Raventi on 2012/11/07 at 6:29am

I barely find this....I've found it like only 3-5 times legitly throughout all my matter what map I play on.


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