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The ATV is the fastest off-road vehicle in the game. It's also one of the fastest ground vehicles on the road. Currently, there are seven known spawn locations for the ATV.

ATV's are one of the easiest vehicles to flip, so extra caution when driving fast is advisable, especially on rough or mountainous terrain. If it does flip, it's possible to get it upright again either by gently bumping it with another vehicle, or sometimes by turning the wheels the right way while working the throttle. As of it can now be unflipped by the player.


To fully repair an ATV, the following parts are required:

By Tmx on 2012/08/06 at 9:47pm

One of the easiest vehicles to repair. Most of the time you need to fix 3 things: 1 wheel, the engine, and fill it with gas because in most cases the gas tank is almost empty (1 jerry can is enough). But if you can drive normally without hitting any trees you don't need to repair the engine because it will still work fine. Well at least for me it does :)

By Thaua on 2012/08/05 at 5:55pm

Notorious due to flipping with no apparent reason (bugs, bugs everywhere). Try to avoid discontinuous stretches of road such as bridges and rail crossings.

By hobo on 2012/12/03 at 5:18am

I used to hate on this vehicle having died from crashing it or flipping it several times. But i have one now and im loving it, you just have to be a very careful driver, it takes some getting used to, dont drive it over bridges, watch where your going at all times. Its got 50 items slots, 10 weapon slots, super fast off road, it can be hidden under a tree to a point where its almost impossible for players to spot, its one of the best vehicles in game if you have practice driving it properly. One tent hidden well under a tree and one of these hidden under a tree and youve got the perfect solo campsite. It eats fuel like a mofo, so keep 4-5 jerry cans on it.

Edited by hobo on 2012/12/03
By CraigMitchell44 on 2012/11/09 at 5:57pm

Guys, when you have this vehicle, stay away from the bridge in Solnichniy. The ATV flipped everytime i tried to go over the bridge...

By HELD on 2012/08/31 at 11:46pm

found 2 at klen spawn 2 times now

By Kresslak on 2013/09/24 at 5:44pm

Absolutely love this vehicle, the good off-road on-road speeds make for a versatile option.

Never had any issues with flips, but I don't take any chances on rough terrain.

Worst thing I've experienced is with map glitches, be especially careful on the city ports, don't even go there, last time I did the car flipped a good 100m into the sky on flat concrete :| somehow I survived, lol.... the ATV did not...

Fuel economy is actually great, don't forget it's only got a 30L tank compared to 100L car tanks, so you'll notice the fuel usage, just carry a 20L jerry, it'll get you everywhere with ease.

Edited by Kresslak on 2013/09/24
By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/04/16 at 3:34pm

I found mine in the middle of a forest crashed into a tree (i guess the owner was trying to fix it) but it was still drivable, i just drove it back to my camp and it had an AS50 and helicopter parts (Which was a godsend)

By ketchup504 on 2012/12/08 at 2:09am

Absolutely a downer when mine exploded for seemingly no reason while going down a hill near a factory. I'm alive, and I wasn't being shot at, but it isn't fun to lose a vehicle like that. The only thing missing was the fuel tank, and I wasn't worried since I had lots of jerry cans. Perhaps it blew up because of that. It is fun to drive and it makes good speed offroad.

Edited by ketchup504 on 2012/12/08
By cody-1993- on 2012/12/01 at 1:04am

can you park this thing in the back of a V3S??

edit: i did some testing with this and the VS3... it stays in for like 5 sec until you turn or stop then it goes woosh and flies away. it also makes a lot of noise

Edited by cody-1993- on 2012/12/08
By Hisoka on 2012/11/23 at 10:36am

If you flip the ATV, you can unflip it very easily. Don't get off of it, face the wheels skywards (If the ATV is on it's left side, then steer all the way right and visa versa) and reverse it. Keep doing this and it will eventually unflip. No good if you're being shot at but if no-ones around it can be a godsend.

By killamaster114 on 2012/10/11 at 2:16pm

i was driving a V3S civilian and my brother had a we were in the forest all the sudden my brother goes over this huge bump and flips over.So I decide to hit with my V3S bad mistake.It blew up.Guess engine parts do matter.

By PedroPiez on 2012/09/07 at 12:56pm

@HELD Sorry we just stole them if you're on 1241 D:

By vardant on 2012/09/06 at 3:28pm

I have had all vehicles and this is one of the best the people that flip it just don't know how to drive and expect to go 85kph in a turn you have to baby it. it has high torque and high speed and that makes it a beast. in the next patch it will be able to "flip over" if you somehow flip it. anyways the map needs to be updated there is a ATV at grid 033032 that is not on the loot map

By sargeantbutters on 2012/08/30 at 12:43am

I've had one run-in with this vehicle, and it was pretty good. Me and my buddy were in Elektro, about to go meet up with our other friend. I was holed up in the pub and him in the hospital, as we had been hearing gunshots. A couple minutes after the shots stop, he proceeds out of the hospital to find an ATV and dead ghillie guy with decent gear. We thought there was still one shooter in the city so we got on the ATV and got the heck out of there to pick up our other friend.... I thought it had more than two seats, though. For a quick escape vehicle, it was pretty good.

Edited by sargeantbutters on 2012/08/30
By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/04/16 at 3:35pm

I found mine in the middle of a forest crashed into a tree (i guess the owner was trying to fix it) but it was still drivable, i just drove it back to my camp and it had an AS50 and helicopter parts (Which was a godsend)

By jimjo on 2012/11/17 at 8:02am

if you find one of these, think is it worth the time to fix. NO, with my experience theses will flip and become unusable with in 10 min of driving. just stop and think


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