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APSI (Anti PSI), device, which protects you from PSI emitting from a typical 'blowout' on Namalsk. Device, created and successfully tested by NAC to protect themselves from deadly radiation caused by energy pumping from phase fluctuations.

In other words, APSI is a flavor item on Namalsk.

By EvilScotsman1 on 2013/09/20 at 9:06am

And it's people like DrunkApples that give DayZ a bad name. Don't log out because of something that happens i the game. Grow a pair and continue with the gameplay.

By tp4221 on 2013/01/22 at 8:45pm

Best thing about this is that not only it protects you but it also warns you of incoming storm 15 seconds or so, and you can tell your friends not to aggro anything and take spot.

By killerdude765 on 2013/01/14 at 2:18pm

Protects you from the hourly EVR Sequence on Namalsk. You will still fall unconscious, but will take no blood damage if outside.

By JohnWiseman on 2014/04/13 at 3:22am

I have only ever found this item twice before. Once in the a2 bunker and once in the large guard tower looking things with spiral stairs going up. A much needed item but very rare. If you do not have this item when the EVR hits then either log out like a pussy or make sure you have high enough blood to lose.

By ruett on 2013/04/03 at 11:53am

where on the map do you find this?

By Zeppelinzz on 2013/01/27 at 11:28pm

EVR aka Blowout is the best thing i'´ve ever meet in this game ...

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