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Antibiotics are used to cure infections. When the temperature of a player drops below 36C, when spending any time around an already infected player, or being attacked by a zombie, there is a chance of getting an infection. Infections cause the player to slowly lose blood, down to a lower limit of 6000. Antibiotics are uncommon, and only found in hospitals, medical tents, and helicopter crash sites. Antibiotics take one slot of your inventory or bag pack.

By xplosivcat on 2013/01/27 at 12:18am


By Max on 2012/07/19 at 9:44pm

Antibiotics get rid of the 6k health/audible coughing de-buff one gets from letting one's core body temperature below 27 degrees.

By drsinister6 on 2012/11/09 at 5:20am

these r a must to have in namalsk as it is super easy to get sick from temperatures if your character doesnt have warm clothing!

By NewClearWinter on 2013/02/11 at 7:31am

Now that they have more of a spawning chance, I found some in a military base. I think it's still unlikely to get an infection, but still be careful.

By Slinky on 2012/07/31 at 7:30am

Having an infection can really sneak up on you. I was sick one time and didn't even realize it until my buddy got sick from me.

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By RudestBuddhist on 2012/07/27 at 2:36am

I've seen these more in the North West side of Cherno at the hospital near the red apartment buildings. Hopefully that's helpful for anyone who is sick and needs to heal.

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/25 at 11:37pm

How are these rare? Just loot a hospital they are packed with supplies its better if you have a vehicle to transport it.

By Unstoppable-653 on 2013/01/07 at 5:05am

I met a friendly survivor on Namalsk. Around object A2. Who had warm clothing that he found on a dead survivor, but he already had an infection. I gave him some of these (I had warm clothing already and and didn't have an infection) saved his life.

By DrakeVanders on 2012/12/22 at 3:44am

Besides being a valued Medical item, Antibiotics can be a good source of trade for friendly survivors, especially if they're a group.

By Applejack on 2012/11/07 at 7:22am

Infections spread very rapidly me and my friend met up with my other friend and he was sick. within 30 seconds all 3 of us were sick. guess were looting cherno now :|

By killerdude765 on 2012/08/21 at 5:46pm

Best place to find these is Cherno - they can be found in the medical tents and in the hospital there, a total of four places in one city.

By AtomicTim on 2012/08/13 at 10:45am

You can also get infected from having a temperature under 36 (which i dont think you can see numerically(read this number on the wiki...might not be correct)) so stay out of rain...or keep moving....those heat packs can be handy sometimes!

I got infected from lying in the rain for a few mins...luckily the server glitched a tad when i logged back in...healed me right up ;)

This really is something to watch out for if it is raining

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By SwagSensei on 2012/08/06 at 4:22pm

The only time I have ever found them is in NW Cherno. Look for them there.

By BattleCraft12 on 2012/07/17 at 1:27am

Rare medical loot; they cure a flu; rare desease that can be passed by any infected player by spending some time around him or there's a very rare chance that a zombie will get you infected. When you're ill you start to cough.


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