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The AK-74 is a moderately powerful assault rifle which will kill a zombie in two body shots. It can be found in all military loot spawns. Also available are the AKS-74 Kobra, which is identical, except it has a very useful Kobra green dot sight, and the AKS-74U, which has a shorter barrel and a slightly shorter effective range.

By mukaluk on 2012/09/02 at 4:23am

I always see them on the ground never took them.

By Maxthe222 on 2013/10/16 at 3:17pm

Biggest piece of crap. Ammunition depletes too quickly and recoil is too high for the amount of damage you deal. Don't immediately think "Oh wow the AK has a bigger bullet so i use that over a M4 or something" because it doesn't. This is actually a lot worse than people think. A good weapon for a fresh spawn is the Kobra, because that has the sight, this doesn't. This proves to have little use, and unless the guy is 10 meters in front of you you are not going to hit anything.

By madhellsing on 2013/04/14 at 9:06pm

It's a good gun to defend your self but you have to absolutly put all rounds on target because is low damage, I;ll drop for a AKM in a heartbeat.

It takes getting used to it to get acurate head shots so if you can shoot right then you should be able to hit kill shots. but make sure you get the drop on the player because if he is shooting at the same time you might get killed if his gun has eather higher rate of fire or more power.

By droidcommando on 2013/03/02 at 6:25am

shot down a huey with this somehow, then it crashed into two trees just outside electro. poor 2 players that spent days getting that huey and I shoot them down. I didn't even get to loot their body. good times for me.

Edited by droidcommando on 2013/04/14
By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 8:19pm

Good all around gun in the beginning.

By Thaua on 2012/07/23 at 3:45am

I'd say the audible range is right, for balance purposes. This one isn't as loud as the classic AK-47 which uses a bulkier ammo in real life. Plus it has the same damage as the M16, so its fair to have the same effect on aggroing zombies. The range is nerfed down because of the sights. I hate them. They create a large blindspot. IRL they also make it slightly more difficult to locate the aim post, making the weapon less pointable.

By Renoh on 2012/07/09 at 5:17am

In my personal testing, this gun only has Single and Full firing modes.

By Grazmo on 2013/06/19 at 11:15am

Good weapon in my opinion, easy to find this gun and its ammo, low recoil and good rate of fire what makes it easy to control. Iron sights are good once you master them. Ak-series are very reliable in real life, unfortunately it does not make difference in DayZ. AK-74 can be zeroed in real life but not in this game. Cons are using it at night, low damage and no zeroing. 8.5/10

Edited by Grazmo on 2013/06/21
By Vanlock on 2012/07/08 at 8:56pm

Shots to Kill >> body: 2 / head: 1 Effective Range 300m Rate of Fire : High /-/ Recoil : Moderate /-/ Noise : Moderate

By Austro on 2012/07/08 at 2:31pm

Very easy to find at the 4 deer stands in balota, in my option, the ultimate gun to bandit around the South of the map.

By Zaros on 2013/05/13 at 2:28pm

It's not bad for when you are a fresh spawn at balota and you're going to chernogorsk. But a Winchester kicks this things ass!!!

By TotalAbsolution on 2013/04/14 at 7:51pm

Definitely one of the worst assault rifles around. Iron sights are very intrusive and leave a huge blind spot, and make it impossible to judge bullet drop. Whilst it is a bit quieter to players compared to its American counterparts, the slight disadvantage of damage and less common ammo (Due to M16A2 using STANAG and SD Mags) combined with the terrible sights leave much to be desired when compared to an M4/M16.

By Lefik on 2013/02/15 at 6:30pm

My least favorite weapon in the game. The accuracy sucks compared to many of the other weapons. A combination of poor damage per bullet and a slow rate of fire make it agonizingly slow to kill someone in comparison to something like a M4A1.

It's a decent starter gun because of its low audible range and common ammo, but it just fails in so many ways in comparison to some of the other weapons.

By NomNomMeatball on 2012/11/29 at 8:32am

Good starting gun. I'd drop it in a heartbeat for an M16 or M4A4. It's a good backup weapon because the ammo is easy to find.

By CaptainYesz on 2012/07/12 at 9:43pm

audible range: 80m seems like an error

By Cr1t1calHazard on 2013/01/13 at 12:33am

Best Assault Rifle in the game. I would always take a russian over american. Accurate ironsides, incredible controllability, accuracy. Realisticly overpowered;) And with the standalone's feature of degrading and cleaning. M4 platforms will become useless. The AK is simply the most suitet gun for combat and survival. Best AR in the game!


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