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8Rnd. Slugs

8 rounds of 12 gauge slugs, used in the Remington 870 (Flashlight) and M1014. They contain a single projectile which can accurately hit a target 250m away, and are powerful enough to kill a zombie with a single shot. You cannot merge depleted piles, and you cannot use the 8 round magazine in the Double-barreled Shotgun. However, they can be converted into 4 2Rnd. Slugs by right clicking them and choosing the split option.

If given the choice between slugs or 8Rnd. Pellets, slugs are always the better choice. Pellets are ineffective past 40m, putting the player at a significant disadvantage in many engagements. However, at closer ranges, like the insides of buildings, pellets can be used to get multiple kills or headshots with a single shot.

By Dab on 2012/08/07 at 6:23am

Correct, it currently takes two center-mass hits to take down a Zed, which makes this ammo a liability (you have more killing power with a makarov), and this kind of ruins shotguns (only about 1/2-1/3 of ammo found is pellets, so you run into even more ammo problems than you already do)

Realistically, those smoothbore fired hunting slugs would do more damage than a .50 cal at the short range, since they're usually made of unplated lead which deforms and thus gives off all the energy in the body. They're used to stop boar dead in their tracks. A .50 cal on the other hand just pencils through people, leaving a smaller wound than the fragmenting 5.56mm, as the .50cal bullet is made to be fired at lightly armored vehicles and not people. Fun fact: body armor is considered useless against shotgun slugs, as just crush everything they hit, body armor or not.

What the hell were they smoking nerfing this? This needs 10k+ damage ASAP.

By Vanapagan on 2012/10/04 at 10:08am

@Dab .50 BMG doesn't simply pencil through a target like pistol or shotgun ammo. All high-powered rifle ammo hit with such power that they make tissue expand alot. A person hit with a .50 BMG will have a small entry wound but insides will be crushed to pulp. This bullet can tear off limbs. It's no wonder that it is designated as a anti-materiel ammo because the wounds it leaves behind are devastating.

By Junos on 2012/08/03 at 1:30am

As of right now, it takes 2 slugs to kill a zombie when shot center-mass. I discovered this a couple hours ago, using about two full 8-round slug "magazines". It was not a one-off fluke, nor lag. So I don't think they do 4500 damage anymore. This is on DayZ with ARMA2 1.62.95417.

On the other hand, pellet shells killed zombies in a single shot, because they do 2000 damage per pellet, firing 8 pellets, potentially doing 16000 damage.


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