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The Standalone Database is Live!

by alayton at 3:29pm

I've just launched our newest feature: a comprehensive item and crafting database for DayZ! After spending the past couple weeks working on this, I'm very happy to be able to show it off now. To help get you started, here's some of the best parts.

You can see a list of food and drink with all of the nutritional information right there with it. You can use this to estimate how much you need to eat to reach the healthy status, for example.

On each item's page, there's always a box on the right side with all kinds of details about the item. What type of details depends on the type of item; weapons show damage info, food shows nutrition info, clothes show armor and capacity info, and so on. This is meant to make it easy to look up an item and know exactly where to look to find what you want to know.

Some types of items are related to others. For example, weapons have attachments, and crafting recipes use and create items. These relations are shown in tabs, along with comments and screenshots. This makes it easy to see things like what attachments can go on your gun, what magazines it uses, and what can be crafted with an item.

There's a ton of information to see here, and it's all linked with the map, too. On any item page, there's a "Find on map" button that will take you to the map with only spawns that you can find that item at marked. Similarly, on the map itself, all of the items in the loot tables link back to the database.

Now that the database is live, improvements to the map are my priority. First up on the list is a topographic version with contour lines. I know a lot of people have been waiting for it, and now it's coming soon; I'm aiming for sometime next week.

Mid-January Updates

by alayton at 9:30pm

It's been a busy start of the year! DayZ has just seen its first major patch of the year, and we've just finished updating the site for it. There's lots of new items included, such as shotguns, spray paint, and some new attachments. On the map itself, a whole new city was added to the northeast corner.

Another couple features that I recently added to the map help you judge distances. The most accurate is a simple rangefinder: just click two points on the map, and it'll show you how far apart they are. The other is a grid for quick and dirty range estimations. Depending on how zoomed in the map is, the grid has either 1km, 500m, or 100m squares.

The bulk of the last two weeks have been spent working on item data. Soon you'll be able to browse through all of the items and crafting recipes in the game, kind of like you can for the mod - except better. That should be live within a week - I'm still hard at work on it!

We've just launched a massive update to the standalone map: thousands of new loot markers! On top of that, each one is clickable to see what items can spawn there. This is still an early version, but I think it's definitely a good start.

The changes in the way DayZ works now have also brought some changes to the way the loot map works. First, there's no longer such a thing as residential, industrial, military, etc spawns. Instead, spawns are categorized as Weapons, Equipment, Clothes, Supplies, or Medical based on a weighted ranking of amount of items available there.

The details on how that works are pretty simple. Each item belongs to a category, and each category is given a weight. There's a ton of different books, so they get a weight of 0.1, while there aren't many weapons, so they get a much higher weight. We go through all of the items that come from a spawn, add up their weights, and the category on top decides how the spawn is categorized. This means that a Weapons spawn isn't guaranteed to have any weapons spawned, but it's more likely that they'll be there than at other spawns.

Another change that helps in many cases is that each building can have multiple spawn areas, which each have their own type of loot. The fire stations, for example, have areas with names that tell you where those particular items can spawn: garage lockers, tower lockers, etc.

Again, this is an early version! I've made large changes to the way things work behind the scenes, and while I've made every effort to make sure things like custom marker sets still work, there's always the chance that I missed something. If you find something that's broken, send us an email or a tweet @DayZDB to let me know!

Hunger and Thirst in Standalone

by alayton at 1:11am

DayZ standalone introduces much more complicated hunger and thirst mechanics compared to the mod. For help understanding how the new system works, check out the guide we wrote to explain it!

DayZ Standalone is Available!

by alayton at 1:36pm

The standalone has been released! You can find it on Steam here. Keep in mind that this is an early alpha, and is going to be buggy.

We're working on getting new data and maps available as quickly as we can. Like the game, once we have something available, it'll be a first pass, and not quite as polished as what we might want it to be. However, we feel it's more important to make something available as quickly as possible, rather than making it perfect first.

Update 1: An initial version of the map is available here! This is a very early version, but more is definitely coming soon.

DayZ Mod: Updated for 1.8

by alayton at 4:49pm

A new DayZ mod update was released, which means it's time for some updates here. The biggest addition to the game this time is the introduction of a crafting system. Here's a quick list of some of the things that can be crafted already:

On top of crafting, you can now also use Fishing Poles to fish in the sea. This is pretty great, because if you catch a Tuna, you can cook it to get a Tuna (cooked), which gives 2000 blood when eaten.

This is far from a comprehensive list of changes — you can find that here. Still waiting on standalone!

DayZ Mod: Updated for 1.7.7!

by alayton at 9:31pm

For the first time since February, DayZ has gotten an official update! The new version, 1.7.7, brings a ton of changes, as well as hints of more to come. Here's a quick rundown of the standout changes:

  • Zombies are more dangerous. It's harder to lose them, they can knock you down, and new "viral" versions are more likely to cause infections.
  • Starting gear has changed to a Bandage, Road Flare, and a random choice between another Bandage and Painkillers.
  • M1911, Revolver, and Makarov PM damage was increased to pre-1.62 levels. Machete, Hatchet, and Crowbar damage was substantially increased.
  • Loot tables have been heavily changed, with deer stands getting military weapons again.
  • A huge amount of new loot spawns have been added, but with lower chances of loot than previous spawns.
  • A lot more. A full list can be found here.

Let's put a number on the number of new loot spawns added: over 2000. Loot now has a chance to be found at car wrecks, piles of rubble and trash, sheds, and around some closed buildings. To balance this out, it seems that the chance of loot spawning at any given point has gone down, so while it may seem harder to find loot, that might change as players get used to the new spawn points.

Next stop: Standalone! Hopefully.

Updates! New Map, More Vehicles

by alayton at 9:01am

Over the past few months, several new maps have been added: Namalsk, Panthera Island, Takistan, and Fallujah. There's now one more to add to the list: Taviana!

As part of working on the Taviana map, we've improved our behind the scenes tools for processing data to handle vehicles. Many of you have asked for vehicles on more maps than just Chernarus, and now we can give them to you! Vehicle locations are pulled directly from DayZ Bliss, one of the most used private hive packages. All maps got updated with this vehicle info, including Chernarus.

The next steps for DayZDB are pretty big ones: standalone DayZ is coming soon, and we're trying to get as much preparation done before the holidays as we can. Whenever it is released, we'll be working hard to get the quality data available that brought you here for the mod as soon as possible.

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